We will leave your payments - To Late - I'm OFF

Hi, Guys, I sent and email off to Bulb over the weekend regarding the increase of my DD from £50 to £58, and when they stated that I have only £46 in account when in fact I got £146. They have now come back saying and I quote:

Thanks for getting in touch about your payments. I do understand this increase could come as a shock.

Seeing that you are in credit by more than a months direct debit we will leave your payments the same and you will not be affected by the increase.

I have paused the review on your account for the next 2 months to make sure that the increase don’t fall though.

Should your usage increase during the winter period we will review your account and adjust your direct debit accordingly.

Why don’t they look at customers accounts first and see how their account stands on credit/payments and then sent out the email explaining what is going to happen. From this small administration error/ problem they have lost alot of customers including me. Even this guy has not even noticed from my account that I’m moving.

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Hi @Timm, I’m really sorry to hear that you’re leaving. I’d like to explain that the way in which this suggested payment increase has been calculated is by taking into account your estimated annual consumption across a 12 months timespan, including your winter usage, and coming to an agreed amount that would avoid a debit build up - even when your usage does begin to increase.

The review has been conducted based on your latest statement’s overall balance. It did not take into account the referral credit added or payment made shortly after, to ensure that it is as close to being a calculation that is based on your usage and monthly statements as possible. I hope this helps provide a bit more clarity on this! Please do let us know if you have any further questions :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, Thanks for getting back so why then blame the banks and not yourselves? I quote from a replay I have had from one of your reps this morning which is not the same as you are saying.

I can’t account for other suppliers, but I know that this is down to the direct debit agreement with the bank and how they process these payments.

There’s other rules as well such as Sunday can either mean the DD is taken earlier or later etc, which is down to how the bank operates rather than us.

No worries at all. What you have referred to here is when payments are taken, and how this can often be delayed depending on the bank not doing payouts on Sundays for example. I do however apologise if my colleague was slightly unclear there!

In my response, I am discussing pay reviews, and how they have been conducted - based on your latest statement, and do not include any referral credit or payments made within that same month after the statement was produced. Please do remember that payments are taken for the month ahead, so your statement of £46 would have displayed the payment that was made the month before. In other words, your payment and referral credit for September, would reflect in your October bill.

OK, I have sent you an email regarding my account

@Timm Great, one of our advisors will respond to your email within 5 days

Had emails and phone calls from bulb relating to whats going on and if I would stay, which I replied no sorry I’m moving. They then asked how can we change things to make things better, which I replied speak to your customers “COMMUNICTION” is a great thing which sadly does not happen these days. I also mentioned wouldn’t it been better to review customers accounts first and then make a change if needed, instead of

  1. Bulb - Send out emails on the changes
  2. Customers complain.
  3. Bulb - We have looked at your account and won’t change it etc etc.
    To end this BULB you need to get your act together. COMMUNICTION look at the above reply answer GREAT
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At least they have replied to your email, I have had no such courtesy. I’m looking at moving to Octopus now.

I bet Octopus have done quite well out of this cockup from Bulb

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