web chat

how do i use webchat it says press green button but there is none

You can also click “Chat with us” near the bottom of this page.

@Bulgaria2019 let me know if you’re still having trouble accessing our chat channel

@Bulgaria2019 let me know if you're still having trouble accessing our chat channel

It’s been reported several times that “the green circle in the bottom right of your screen” no longer appears. Nothing has been done about it though, to either fix the green circle or remove the instruction to click it.

As @mowcius says, clicking “Chat with us” does bring up the chat window.

This is on Firefox 67.0.3 on Fedora 30.

Hi @Hooloovoo
You’re completely right, it’s not clear so I’ve updated the instructions now

@“Rob at Bulb”, I’ve just tried to use the chat functionality this morning (right now in fact) and it appears it’s very temperamental.

I tried it multiple times on Firefox, then Chrome, then Internet Explorer.

The box opened up but the actual chat portion didn’t load.

Then I just refreshed again now and it’s working. Maybe that needs to be looked into.

@“Rob at Bulb” - the chat does not work at all, what is happening? i’m getting the same view as @mowcius but refreshing does not help, have been trying for few hours now both in app and web.

@zbir, if you can, just ring them.

I’m at work now, so would be easier to just chat and it’s not urgent - the problem is I have had that issue before - chat not being accessible

Earlier I was on the help page again and the green smiley chat icon was there (first time I’ve seen it in ages), but the chat itself again wasn’t working (it was still within business hours at the time).