Web tool for submitting meter readings is flaky

I entered a GAS meter reading on 1st January and it appears that it has not been picked up by your system. It does not appear in the list of customer entered readings. Today (1st Feb) I have tried to submit a gas meter reading and it took two attempts before it showed up in the readings list. The response to the first attempt was “thank you for your electricity reading”! Entering electricity readings worked fine both on 1st Jan and today.
If you expect customers to submit their meter readings as part of a paperless service, the technology has to work reliably. I entered the electricity reading first on both occasions, if that’s another clue to help you debug it.

Hello @spi - this doesn’t sound right. Thanks so much for taking the time to feedback on the issues you experienced when submitting readings.

With the January gas reading, we did have an issue with gas reads disappearing from MyBulb and it’s something we’ve been keeping an eye on. Just to explain, the reads get submitted and are validated on our side and used for your bill, but then a few days later can disappear, because the industry validation process they go through has rejected them. This rejection can sometimes catch big errors on bills for us, so can be useful, but other times means that correct reads get removed when they shouldn’t be. We have since stopped these unhelpful rejections, so from now on your reads won’t be removed and won’t, therefore, disappear from your MyBulb.

With the further bug you experienced, I can report this to our tech team who will try to replicate the issue and solve it. Just to check, were you using MyBulb rather than the app? Please let me know the operating system and we’ll investigate. Thanks again for letting us know about the problems.