Website and App - Energy usage

Been with Bulb for a few years now . I want to see my energy usage over the past few years but the usage graph only ever shows the previous 5 months. How can I view further back so that I can compare previous years to this one? Without being able to compare, the usage chart has little value .

I requested this year on year comparison a few years ago, and I haven’t yet seen it implemented, so track the usage on a spreadsheet instead to get an idea of the year on year usage.

The fact that you have to create a spreadsheet to compare your usage highlights the problem .
I used to be with first Utility and their usage chart worked really well- you could compare year on year directly. This must be one of the easiest updates to do in the app. Bulb have all the statement info so it should be simple to show.
Any response to this Bulb ?

I would like to see a graph as when I moved in here 2 years ago, my monthly bill was £35.53 and now they want to raise it to £158 per month, despite me not owning a washing machine or even a full size cooker. Heating and hot water is on Economy 7 and no, I have not been at home more due to the lockdown as I am a key worker who still receives Universal Credit top ups as my wage is still low. Several issues here, but the graph might be useful.