Website not responding

1 have tried on numerous occasions now, but the website does not move one. I need my account number and also need to amend my payment details. Does anyone have a direct telephone number. They are saying my payments will be automatically adjusted (from £70 to £164 a month !!)
I have sent them a email as I cannot afford this, but the response they give is to go on to their website - which wont move or respond…help please
In some ways i wish I hadnt moved on from EON.

Hi @Marigold,

I’ve just been in my Bulb account via the website and it worked for me - what problem are you getting when you go to ? Are you using a laptop/desktop/phone (Apple or Android) etc? Is it prompting you to login (with your email address), are you able to login at all or what is happening?

Bulb doesn’t really have account numbers - everything is by email address. If you need an account or order number for a ‘cashback’ site you used, you’ll need to ask Bulb via email or live chat at .

Their telephone number is listed on that help page and also at the bottom of main help page at .

Are they saying the payments (which are different from the amount you actually owe/bill) are automatically going up or are they just recommending you increase the direct debit?