Website page blank.


I cannot submit any meter readings or see my last months bill. The website is blank when I log in and says only ‘Bulb’ in the top corner.

This is the same on my phone when trying to use the website and the app has always said down for maintance from me.

Can you please help with this.



I have just tried via the web page and it looks fine to me.

It has been going on for at least 5 days now.

It has been going on for at least 5 days now.

What web browser are you using when you see the blank page, are you able to try a different browser to see if that resolves your problem?

I have tried chrome, Internet explorer and on an android phone browser. All do the same.

Hi @Craig1 - I can’t see your Bulb Account using the email address you’ve used to sign up to Bulb Community. If you send us an email on with the email address associated with your Bulb Account, we can look into this for you. While we get things sorted, we’re also happy to submit meter readings for you. Looking forward to getting things sorted. Thanks, Clem