Website problem: can't record meter readings

Would be lovely to have a “submit meter readings” button on the dashboard. After clicking “Energy Usage” I just get “Not enough data to draw your graph yet” and the little animation that’s supposed to indicate activity. In fact I don’t think there is any activity because the network request to get the graph data has failed.

The frustrating part is of course, I don’t need the graph, I just want to submit my readings.

Do you mean this one above the “Energy Usage” button? Can’t you just click that one rather than going via energy usage?

In case it’s missing for you for some reason, the button link goes here


At the very bottom of the Entry Usage page (i.e. after all the meter readings) is a button which says Submit a meter reading.

This is addition to the method suggested by @Hooloovoo

Thanks for the responses both. I don’t have that Submit Meter reading button on my dashboard (how odd!)

Additionally, if I follow the link you sent, I get redirected to my dashboard.

Allanr, I can see that button, but I can’t get to it because the page is permanently covered by the loading div, as per my screenshot above.

Well. I went for another trawl through the help stuff to see what else I might be able to do, and … well there is of course the app! So my meter readings are now submitted. I still don’t have a way to view those readings in a browser, but that’s a battle for another day!

Thanks again for the responses.

@sweavo This is because you are signed up to our smart tariff, no need to submit the meter readings now!