I am new to Bulb. I am finding the website exceptionally slow, and quite erratic - pages often don’t load fully, or at all. Is this a common problem? I use a Google Chrome. Should I try a different browser? Thanks.

It works fine with Firefox browser.

There was an issue last night around the time you posted where the website was exceptionally slow. I also posted a message about the slowness. Seems to be back to the usual speed now.

@RobT @Shaun8818 Thanks for the information. It sounds unusual so I have raised it with our tech team. I will let you know if and when they figure out what was behind this.

@RobT @Shaun8818 Just to update you. We’ve figured this out. We were updating our systems at the time, which made the Bulb Account slow to the point where it would not let some members log-in. It incorrectly told these members that their account could not be found. We are going to update the error message displayed if this ever happens in the future to avoid confusion.

@“Henry at Bulb” Thanks for the update. Good to hear the error message will get updated for the same situation.