wee query

Thinking of signing up/switching. Am I right in thinking that bills get sent by email… ? Also, how do I send meter readings…


Bills do get sent by email. Previous bills can also be viewing on the website. Meter readings are submitted online or through the app (which isn’t available to all customers yet but is in testing). I believe that a “meter reader” will still be sent to your property occasionally. Hasn’t happened to me yet but I think they still check.

Hi @lilymurray that’s right. We send statements to you each month via email. Your statements are kept as PDFs in your online account to view whenever you like.

@jedmoore is spot on. You can submit readings through your online account, by email, or you can call us too. Whatever works for you.

We’re launching an app really soon. You’ll be able to submit readings in there too.

If you’ve got any other questions about switching, let us know, B)