Weird meter reading

I missed this the other day as I was in the kitchen…

My brother (visiting) answered the door, spoke to a guy. He was wearing a lanyard & badge (my brother didn’t check the ID though) and he wanted to do a meter reading.

My girlfriend showed the guy where the electric meter was, he did a reading, and left.

My brother said he was going door-to-door around the close.

Weird things: I’ve never had meter reading where they’ve read just one meter. They didn’t ask to read the gas meter (not in the same location), and I’ve never had a door-to-door meter reading; they always seem to visit, knock at one house, do their reading, and go.

This was on Monday evening at around 7pm.

Could someone from Bulb please check if an in-person meter reading was requested? I’ve only just switched, so it may have been a meter reading request from my previous supplier?

Thanks, Martin.

@xnoruk thanks for getting in touch with us regarding the meter reader. Our metering company sends out the readers by region, so when they sweep through a region and you’ve come to us - they will send a meter reader around.

They should have ‘Bulb energy’ or ‘Simple energy’ on their lanyard so you’ll know it’s us. It is a bit confusing, but they don’t read both meters just the one but I can confirm that we’ve received that reading he took.