Weird smart meter reading

Hi all,

I have just joined bulb last month. I have a smart meter for electricity and took automatic reading every 30 minutes and has the graph shown in my bulb app. I think the meter readings plotted at the bulb app are weird because there are spikes at unexpected times and these spikes (around 1kWh each) are higher than my use at other times when I am actually at home and using stuff. The spikes happen daily every morning at 5am and afternoon at 4pm, which is unexpected because I usually wake up after 7am and is not home yet at 4pm. I have contacted bulb by email to enquire about this but has not got any reply so far (it’s been a week). Have anyone else got similar experience? Or if anyone have got a suggestion to what might be causing this or if I can do anything to fix this, very much appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi @renxav,

Welcome to community :wave: Thanks for your post!

Sorry to hear no-one has responded to your emails. Hopefully we can get this sorted for you.

I can see you are on a two rate tariff. Can I just check if you have storage heaters or anything on timer that might be affecting these readings? There is also an open electricity dispute on your account which we are waiting to have confirmed. This might be affecting the graph at present. So we can have another look once these reads have been confirmed.

Are you able to submit a reading for us today onto your Bulb account?

– Daisy :bulb: