Weird statement

i ,never had occasion to post before but just had an email statement with some weird numbers on it and wondered if anyone else had the same.
I am on on a pre paid electric smart meter and my statement shows since nov last year i have topped up £270 but underneath that it says the cost of energy used during this period is -£10,220.49
Which shows a breakdown on next page of
cost of energy -£9733.80
vat -£486.69
Am i missing something or has anyone else had this

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thanks for your reply but I do,nt see how this is relevant to my situation,
i,m not being scammed i just wondered if anyone else had had these sort of weird statements
i will ring them tomorrow after work.

Hi @sparky007 - welcome to community :wave:

I’m sorry you’ve received a confusing statement despite being on pay as you go. The most important thing to note is that the balance on there is a reflection of your usage and top ups - it is not a reflection of anything owed to you or Bulb. The only things owed would be in the “adjustments” section of your statement. We’re still improving our statements for our prepayment members to better reflect this.

To help understand the statement, we’d like to explain the different parts:

Energy costs = how much you’ve used over this period. This is based off of the information we get from your meter when you last topped up or is we are missing that, based off of estimates. This is usually the cause of the strange balances as we don’t get this information through very regularly.

You’ve paid = all of your top ups we’ve received over this period.

Adjustments = anything owed on your account (not your meter). Anything here is owed to you or to us.

New balance = based off of the usage and how much you’ve topped up, this is how much we believe should currently be on your meter. If this isn’t correct, you have just used more or less than we expected over your time with us, but the account balance on your screen will be accurate.

It does sound like we might have some incorrect readings though as I’m sure you’ve not used £10,220.49. You don’t need to worry though, as you pay for your energy as you use it, and we’re working to improve the accuracy of smart pay as you go statements.

– Meg :bulb: