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This is a place for everyone (whether you’re with Bulb or not) to talk to us and each other about your ideas for Bulb. It’s where you can share advice on how to save energy or how to make your life greener. Or you can just hang out and shoot the breeze.

The community is not the place to get fast information if you’re having trouble with your account. You can get detailed answers to specific queries in our Help Centre.

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I’m Eleanor :point_down:


I work in Bulb’s Marketing Communications team. I am a rugby fanatic.


Hi Eleanor - We’re installing an induction hob and I’ve been told by UKPN and my electrician that I need to get my electricity provider around to upgrade the Meter tail to 25mm. How do I do that with Bulb?



Hi, I’m a disgruntled customer who will not be staying with Bulb.


same here…for the past five months l have paid out over £1,000 pounds what they are doing now l am paying in advice so l paid out £190 this month on top of the £900 l have already paid out…l am going on linkedin and going to send my bill for the past five months…Bulb.

Hi Mark,

Yes, Bulb can organise this for you. You’ll need to speak to our member service team about that. They’ll organise a time and a date for an engineer in your area to get the upgrade. Best to drop us a line on 0300 30 30 365 to get it booked in :slight_smile:

Hey @cleve

You are always in control of your payments. You can change your direct debit on your Bulb account and if there’s credit in your account we can get that transferred back to your bank account.

If you’ve given us a meter reading recently then your account should be up to date and we can get the transferred straight away. If you’ve not given us a reading in a while, please update your Bulb account so we can calculate your account balance.

Hi Eleanor

You have made a good point, this is the only energy company where you can change
your DD on your phone with ease. The £94 that was DD from my account has been moved from pending to my Bulb account so now l am in good credit.

Think this is called rolling payments…covers Bulb and the customer.

So for the customers it is best to stay in credit, many Thanks for your advice.


Glad to hear this is sorted, @cleve.

Always best to have credit in your account ready for when the heating is turned on in winter. Actually, this is the week when most home in the UK reach for their thermostat and warm up the radiators. :cold_face:

Seriously!?! This is what I have to go through to amend a simple error on my account?!! Wow. Green, but…
Anyway, I wanted to change to a smart meter and bulb directed me towards a card and key, I now need to make this change again and its like finding a needle in a haystack… can one of you help please?

Please can you tell me how I can escalate a problem to someone who has some authority?

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Hi, I completed the sale of my house today and wish to give you the final meter readings. Can you help please.

Hi, I’m Johanne. I’ve been with Bulb for a few months now and I’m still trying to find my way around your website. Also, I’d like to know if I can apply for a smart meter. We have an old one but it doesn’t work with Bulb. I’m disabled and I struggle to get the meter readings when my husband is not around. That would be the easiest way to submit a reading. Also how do I apply for the warm home discount? With our old supplier, we had it every year. Sorry for all the questions. Thanks in advance for your help in these matters.

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Where do I enter a meter reading ?

I am being asked to bubmit my meter readings as you have taken over from Spark. But Where on your website do I do this. NOT OBVIOUS I have to say.
Please assist.

Me too, fed up with them over estimating even when I provide readings.

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Hi Eleanor, I’ve just moved to Bulb after months of incorrect bills from previous supplier missing dd payments from bills and was impressed by Bulb’s reputation, so I’m hoping you will be as good as your reputation.
I was eligible for the Warm Home Discount and applied for it again when I moved to you. You are correct it does take just 10 minutes. Please can you let me know how long it takes for a reply as I haven’t heard anything yet. If I’m not eligible with Bulb would I have been informed of this?
Any information much appreciated. Kate

Hi, I’m Sarah and this is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this!

I’m trying to find out why my smart meter needs to be read. I was under the impression that I wouldn’t need to send meter readings any more. Is this true?

Yes it’s true. But it needs to be read because it’s not uploading automatic readings because the system is broken. You’ll have probably seen in the news all the headlines about problems with the smart meter rollout with all suppliers. Unfortunately you’re going to have to continue as before and submit meter readings as you always used to do, for a little while longer.