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Hi Eleanor - I’m a very frustrated fairly new customer to Bulb (joined in July 19) - I have emailed your customer dept and complaints and not heard anything several times. I am so disappointed with the lack of customer care and consideration. Changing over to another supplier should be hassle free - and it certainly hasn’t been. i have submitted photographic evidence of my meter readings for the past 3 months and have not received an accurate bill from you. I am so fed up with being ignored I am now going to the ombudsman.

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How do I restart my switch

Hi - looking for some advice regarding a smart meter install that happened yesterday. we’ve since noticed that many of our led lights (both lighting circuit and powered off the ring on the house) are flickering intermittently.

A quick google search indicates that this might be a poor connection at the new meter - how can I request a revisit by an engineer to test and sort out?

It wouldn’t normally be classed as an emergency i suppose but there are some horror stories on the internet and apart from anything else if the supply is unstable i guess it could damage sensitive equipment like computers and satellite boxes.

thanks for any help you can provide


Hi there,
I’d like to submit my first meter reading but I seem to have gone round and round in circles on the website. Where is the “button” to submit the readings?
Thank you.

Normally you should see five large green buttons on your account dashboard, one being “Submit Meter Reading”.

This is a common fault.

See: Meter Readings: Queries - #15 by William_at_Bulb

My smart meter hasn’t worked since it was fitted, I have connected it to wi fi but still nothing. I switched it off and back on too, help would be appreciated.

Common problem,lots of posts on the forum about it!
Phone Bulb,0300 303 0635,best of luck getting a fix.

Hi Elanor,
I have been a customer since April 2018 and it looks like you have just discovered that I should not have been accepted due to the fact that I have two MPAN numbers. One is for Elec & Gas and the other is for Solar PV. Only Elec & Gas is with Bulb. Although I advised this upon initial contact with yourselves, it appears this is a show stopper and now 18months later you want to kick me out back to SSE. Apparently so cannot accept MCS certificated prior to 2016 and mine is 2010.
So much for making things easier, simpler and transparent…I have been getting the run around from various members of Customer services and am waiting on return calls and emails to try and resolve this issue. Should not have indicated that I wanted to leave as I am now being encouraged to do this to solve Bulb’s problem.
Somewhere down the line Bulb has morphed into exactly what it did not want to become. A large disinterested organisation unable to respond to customers.

Regards David

You’ve reached a public customer forum. This is not direct communication with bulb. You should email through the official help channels or phone. Contact details are in the hell and FAQ section.

:joy: :joy: How true!

That was unintended but got to love auto correct. It is hell to navigate mind…

Hi I’m a new customer and I’m being asked to submit a meter reading but there is no option to submit a meter reading on your website I can only access this community page.
Very frustrating and not a good omen.

Hi @army63,

I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve just reset your Bulb Account - you’ll shortly receive an email with instructions on how to log in.

Thanks William, all sorted.

i have just switched to bulb and when i sign in my account why does it take me to the community omg help whats going on ?

This is a regular occurrence based on other postings on this Forum. Bulb will need to do some work behind the scenes to enable you to gain access to your account page rather than this Community Forum.

Hi there, Why is bulb asking me for a meter reading and when I click on it, it takes me to this community page thing?


Can I suggest you read the existing posts in this topic to which you have replied? Particularly so the one immediately above your post.

Can you please reset my account? The page is not taking to the place where I can submit my meter reading.