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hi i’m richard and getting more and more worried about joining bulb as i cannot even give you my meter reading .I HAVE TRIED EVERY LINK AND NOWHERE DOES IT GIVE ME ANYWHERE TO ENTER READINGS fealing very frustrated please phone me

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This is a public forum. I would suggest you delete your phone number and call Bulb on Monday morning.

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As per phone call, please delete personal phone number and give bulb a call on Monday (just hang on a while :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Bulb customer forums.

Kind regards john

thanks !!! have you had problems with bulb

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To be honest no problems really except they dragged their heels over reducing the gas price.
I’ve kept my electricity with them but moved my gas to so.energy which for me is 30% cheaper on the unit price even though standing charge is 2p a day more but makes an excellent saving for us.

Customer support is sadly nowhere near as it was. Having said that every time I have had to deal with them, they have eventually sorted problem for me.

They are growing at a fast rate and I believe do not have the amount of staff to deal as promptly or as efficiently as they used to.

If you read the forums there are a lot of problems with the smart meters.

Please remember in here it is public and open to all to see.

Phone them Monday and bite the bullet, phone them and hang on till they answer.

Kind regards john

@William_at_Bulb please can you help this new user please?

This is a common fault, and sadly still ongoing.

See: Meter Readings: Queries - #15 by William_at_Bulb

As others have said you’ll need to contact Bulb and ask them to reset your account.

I’ver emailed them, been on social media and spoken to them. All a waste of time. I have entered meter readings but they are not updating on my account and I’m suppose to owe them £800
The only way is the move to another suppler.

Hi! I’m Tom and I’m a new Bulb customer, for my sins I’m an ardent Liverpool FC supporter and I’m retired.
Please can you help me on how to request a series 2 smart metre to be installed by Bulb. The quicker the better,
I have a series 1 that was installed by my previous supplier, and I understand Bulb can’t remotely read it. The screens on both electric and gas metres have gone blank and I’ve no idea on how get a reading from them.

Bulb don’t replace SMETS1 meters with SMETS2 meters, since there is no need. There is no problem with the hardware. All the existing SMETS1 meters will be “enrolled” in the new system over the coming 12-18 months. Until then you’ll just have to be patient.

It’s normal for a gas meter display to be blank, since it is battery operated, and the display goes off to allow the battery to last for the expected 10 years. You’ll have to press one of the buttons to wake the display up and get the reading.

However, the electric meter display should not be blank. Have you tried pressing one of the buttons to wake it up, anyway? If it’s really unresponsive then it’s likely faulty and Bulb will have to replace it, meaning you’ll get a SMETS2 meter after all.

If you can’t get readings from your meters, how have you given your opening meter readings to Bulb when switching? Personally, I think it would have been better to get this meter issue fixed before switching away so that you don’t end up with estimated usage on your closing and subsequent opening bills.

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For information only the display on my electric meter was blank but woke up when I pressed a key(i have secure branded meters)

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Thanks Hooloovoo for your reply,

As of today I haven’t sent my opening and closing readings to Bulb as the switch is still being processed. EDF my previous supplier said they would sent a man/woman to read my metre for me and send me my final bill before 14th April.
Bulb sending someone on 29th. this month to take a reading and will take my first monthly payment on 3rd.March as they take payments in advance.
The Bulb representative will show me how to take readings until tech catches up with series one metres.

Hiya…is it possible to change to direct debit from top up? My key card won’t work I’ve had no electricity for 2 days…bulb wouldn’t help. Tried topping up this morning and my key card won’t allow me.,.:roll_eyes:

Yes. Cost is about £120 per meter. Possibly free if Bulb are installing smart meters in your area. You’ll have to contact Bulb to discuss.

What do you mean by “wouldn’t help”? It’s their entire job to help. What happened?

I was struggling to get hold off cash yesterday to to top up. I got in touch for help. Was told is get a £10 help, then was told they couldn’t do anything as it’s the weekend. I then went to top up this mornimg and my card wouldn’t work

I am a new customer and I am trying to enter my meter readings but there is nowhere coming up to enter my meter readings…have gone on all the various pages and every time I get to press ‘Enter Meter Readings’ it sends me back to the login page and shows me I am logged in…!!! very very confused and frustrated…

Hi I’m Ell, I’m new, I’m a big welsh dragons fan, and I love green energy. Does anyone know what tariff prices Bulb offer for business accounts?

Please check out: How to switch your business energy to Bulb – Bulb

Yep I’m really old and going bald :grinning:

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