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For information only the display on my electric meter was blank but woke up when I pressed a key(i have secure branded meters)

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Thanks Hooloovoo for your reply,

As of today I haven’t sent my opening and closing readings to Bulb as the switch is still being processed. EDF my previous supplier said they would sent a man/woman to read my metre for me and send me my final bill before 14th April.
Bulb sending someone on 29th. this month to take a reading and will take my first monthly payment on 3rd.March as they take payments in advance.
The Bulb representative will show me how to take readings until tech catches up with series one metres.

Hiya…is it possible to change to direct debit from top up? My key card won’t work I’ve had no electricity for 2 days…bulb wouldn’t help. Tried topping up this morning and my key card won’t allow me.,.:roll_eyes:

Yes. Cost is about £120 per meter. Possibly free if Bulb are installing smart meters in your area. You’ll have to contact Bulb to discuss.

What do you mean by “wouldn’t help”? It’s their entire job to help. What happened?

I was struggling to get hold off cash yesterday to to top up. I got in touch for help. Was told is get a £10 help, then was told they couldn’t do anything as it’s the weekend. I then went to top up this mornimg and my card wouldn’t work

I am a new customer and I am trying to enter my meter readings but there is nowhere coming up to enter my meter readings…have gone on all the various pages and every time I get to press ‘Enter Meter Readings’ it sends me back to the login page and shows me I am logged in…!!! very very confused and frustrated…

Hi I’m Ell, I’m new, I’m a big welsh dragons fan, and I love green energy. Does anyone know what tariff prices Bulb offer for business accounts?

Please check out: How to switch your business energy to Bulb – Bulb

Yep I’m really old and going bald :grinning:

Welcome to the old bald club :rofl:

There is sign’s of new shoots re-appearing :laughing:

Aren’t you the lucky one, the only thing that’s grown in the last four months is my bellly :rofl:

Thankyou very much and likewise it is lovely to be here too so 'Hello Eleanor and Hello everybody else here too. Its amazing to discover and join your community. Thankyou very much everyone!

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Hi @Chelli72,

I would like to give you a warm welcome to Bulb community :partying_face:

We’re happy to have you as part of the community!

Feel free to create your own posts or comment on the ones that appeal to you, if you do have any questions, there are plenty of whizzes on here that would be more than delighted in helping / chatting to you :relaxed:

Hello All at Bulb,

I moved from South Yorkshire on 20 March before lockdown. Been ok but haven’t been able to meet new people due to the Covid problem.


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I am a customer welcome to the forum Louise :grinning:

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Hi @louise3,

Welcome to the community - I work here for the most part. The lockdown thing has been tough hasn’t it.

I’m sure you’ll meet lots of like minded people here !


Hi, I’m Ray.
I have been with bulb since around May this year.
I switched after having solar panels fitted in March this year.
Since then I have been trying to get a feed in tariff sorted.
Now finally I have a smart meter I can reapply for a feed in tariff.
I think it’s now called a Power Purchase agreement?
I cannot find an application form anywhere on the bulb site, can you help with this please?
Thanks, Ray

Unless you have a lot of panels :grinning:, I think you’re looking for Bulb’s implementation of the Smart Export Guarantee, called “Export Payments”:

Bulb Export Payments