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Hi, thanks for your reply.
I don’t have loads of panels but during the summer we export much more than we use.
I don’t see why I should give away electricity for others to sell.
It won’t make me much but anything that offsets our costs is all to the good.
They certainly make it hard to do!
Thanks for your input Steve.

Hi @Rayjones40,

Welcome to Bulb community :partying_face:

We do pay you for every kWh you export onto the grid, it’s better than the energy effectively going nowhere, so you may as well get paid for the energy that you don’t use :grin:

@stevefoster is right, the Export Payments is one you can sign up for as the Feed-in Tariff scheme is no longer available :frowning:

Please don’t hesitate to contact us or create a thread if you have any help signing up for it :relaxed:

Hi Trevor, thanks for your reply.
I have now completed the application and waiting to hear how it goes.
It helped knowing what to apply for!
Regards, Ray

I am new to bulb, you want a meter reading, I have set up account but I keep getting directed to Community so I can’t give you me meter reading. Frustrated already as wasting a lot of time trying to do something you have asked me to do but not clear at all how to do it. Not a good start for Bulb

Hi @Jnapier63 - I’m sorry for the inconvenience here! This can sometimes happen when members have previously requested a switch to Bulb / previously been supplied by Bulb.

You should be able to access your account now. :slight_smile:

kindly ignore this only for bugtesting.

@Oisin_at_Bulb We were told security measures were being put in place to prevent this

They have added a link that has embedded code. This is a MAJOR security risk, as it could allow them to steal the cookie to automatically login to bulb or other websites.

It is disappointing that bulb is allowing members that are untrusted with a new account to post links still. Fix this now.

I just had a look at this and asked a network administrator about it. it was proof of concept of a so-called “XSS” attack. These are HIGHLY MALICIOUS and if it was implemented correctly could cause all your tokens and cookies to be stolen, allowing for log-on to websites even with 2-factor authentication. Not funny bulb.

Now he has a REALLY suspicious link in his user information, not going anywhere near it :

Edit: found that “burpcollaborator” is a site used to find vulnerabilitys on a website, whoever is behind this bot account is really trying

edit 2: now issue is resolved, removed link so nobody is silly and visits it.

Thanks @djenson and @izzyhunt,

I have updated the settings so that only admins can post links, and only regulars can DM each other among a few other updates. This members and their IP address have also been banned.

I’ll post about this a little bit later on with some more info.

Hi! New to Bulb last month and brand new to Bulb Community today. Struggling to contact anyone who can advise me on getting a smart meter (can’t find the request link on my account) and struggling to get advice on how to report that I’m getting solar panels fitted next week. I’ve tried the help desk telephone number but can’t talk to anyone, three emails unanswered and chat box not available when requested. Any help and advice much appreciated.

Hi @Martinfearn,

Welcome to Bulb’s community! :raised_hands:

We’d need to take a look at your current meter set-up and make sure that smart meters would be compatible. One of our solar team replied to your email yesterday asking for photos, so please do drop us a reply when you can!

Sorry you’ve had some trouble getting in touch with us but feel free to ask any questions you have here on community, we’ll always be happy to help. :smile:

Freya :bulb:

Am I alone in thinking that customer service is important. When you finally get through to someone on the chat function. It takes an hour to locate my account and send me a bill. ( yes i was wanting to give the comapny some money!) Then the operator Omar E decides to end the chat because he has spent too long on the chat. Those in marketing communications should be concerned that your company does not look good when your customer facing staff act this way.

Hi @CBell

I’m sorry to see you’ve found it difficult getting in touch with our agents on chat.

I’ve sent you a private message now to ask for some more details about the property in question and what needs to be done. If you can get back to me there when you can I’m happy to lend a hand.