We'll pay your exit fee when you join Bulb

Switching to renewables should be a simple decision, so we’re making it even easier. When you switch to Bulb, we’ll pay your old supplier’s exit fee. Phew, that’s one less thing to worry about.

After you’ve signed up to Bulb and your old supplier has sent you a final bill, just send a copy of it through to help@bulb.co.uk. We’ll then credit it to your Bulb account right away. A scan or photo will be fine, just make sure we can clearly see how much you were charged.

You’ll receive your final bill about 2 weeks after your switch has completed. Some suppliers are quicker than others, so don’t worry too much if it takes a while to come.

If you have any questions, just ask away below.

Hi. Do you also pay exit fees for small business customers?

Hi @ad_78

We pay off exit fees for businesses as well as homes. One thing to point out specifically for businesses is that is a cap of £120 to the amount we’ll pay. This cap is more than enough to cover any residential exit fee, but businesses very often have much more complicated and varied contracts. So we can’t promise that we’ll be able to cover all of the exit fee, but we’ll definitely cover up to £120 of it.

All the best,


Hi Will. Thank you for your speedy answer! Could you also clarify, it the prices you show under the business section include CCL and are the same for cash and direct debit payments. I assume they are your best prices as you say there is only one tariff/contract you have?

You’re welcome @ad_78

CCL applies to businesses that use over 12000 kWh of electricity or 53000 kWh gas a year. For reference, a typical home uses 3100 kWh elec and 12500 kWh of gas. The rates in the table on the business site do not include these.

We take both direct debits and debit card payments and they’re both the same price. And yeah, it’s our best price because we only have one :slight_smile:

Would you like us to give you a ring and we can work you out a proper quote? If so, just email join@bulb.co.uk and we’ll get right on it. Or call us on 0300 30 30 635.

All the best,


Thanks again Will! So, except CCL all the other costs are included? Your business prices are not available via brokers so will have to calculate and possibly then give you a call.

Great stuff @ad_78 you’re welcome. If you’d like us to do the calculations then feel free to email your usage data to join@bulb.co.uk, along with your postcode and we can work it out for you.

HI Will,

I just joined Bulb and received our first invoice fpr £89.00. We haven’t yet given our meter readings. There’s no bill associated with that amount though when I look at my account. I’m not sure whether this is an exit charge or what,

  1. Please can you let me know what this is for?
    I live in a houseshare and have recently had new flatmates so need to know who should be paying what so it’s fair.

  2. Is there any way to cancel the direct debit automatic payment?
    I’d rather pay when we receive a bill, just as it gets complicated with people moving in and out.

Many thanks

Hi @swoo,

We take payments upfront so that we can be more efficient when buying energy, which lets us charge lower prices. When your switch to Bulb completes we move your first payment from your bank into your Bulb account. You use energy for a month, then we calculate how much energy you used and take the cost of it from your Bulb account.

Your first payment was taken on the 10th, so it’s already gone through. In terms of how much each person should pay, you can use the statements we send you each month. They will spell out how much energy you’ve used that month and it’s cost so that you can keep track. Your first statement will be on the 10th December.

We try to make it clear that we take payments this way, it’s on the website when you join, and we send you emails with your first payment date too, but it looks like we could do more to make it clearer. I’ll have a look to see if we can make it more prominent so that other people don’t get the same surprise.

All the best,

Switch has gone swimmingly, all up and running, npower have added the early exit fees but haven’t generated a final bill yet (they don’t mess around when it come to charges it seems!).

I didn’t realise the npower account is in my wife’s name but Bulb is in mine, this won’t affect the exit fee payment will it…?

@Stokie2018 Hiya! That’s fine, as long as it’s the contract that will be ending because we’re taking on supply. If the meters match, we’ll refund the fee. Cheers!