Well we're off to pastures new

As the title says we’re off.

Been a customer for three years but since the disasterous installation of our, still non working, Smart Meter in December last year we’ve had enough.

With the combination of the following issues we decided it’s time to go.

Lack of communications with the support team, who rarely email when promised.

The seemingly random nature of the smart meter process. Installed in Dec 12th but apparently nobody bothered to register it on the system until January, at least that’s what I was told.

The random changing of my tariff from Economy 7 to VariFair without any notice. Then the changing it back for a period until it then reverted to VariFair.

Appartently we don’t have enough signal for the meter. This is despite the installers signal check showing that we had a good signal in our property where the meter was sited, the meter showing being connected to the external network and the other houses in our street with Smart Meters all working. The one exception is the the other Bulb customer who has had a similar experience to us.

So we’ve ended up on a standard tarrif for 9 month, which will have cost us probably an extra £2-300 as we are heavy Economy 7 users with an EV, and nobody at Bulb was even slightly concerned. The promised £60 for the missed bills and not raising a complaint has never materialised.

The kicker is that we’ve been contacted more since we triggered the leaving process than when we had the issues with the meter.

Note to customer services in these days of online and telephone fraud. Don’t call up customers and demand that they confirm their name and address with the justification that ‘but I’m from Bulb Energy’ and the number that I’m calling from is from Bulb customer service.


So long and thanks for all the fish, to quote Douglas Adams.

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Hi @Slumberjack

Thank you for your post.

I’m really sorry to hear you are leaving Bulb, we aim to give member the best service but recognise we let you down here.

Unfortunately due to a manufacturing issue when smart meters cannot be commissioned they default to one rate - which is what has happened here.

Smart meters communicate with suppliers using a nationwide signal network, the strength of which varies across the country. We do receive a list of areas with the right level of network coverage for a smart meter, and will have checked the signal in your area is strong enough for smart meters before installing them. However, it is clear that information is incorrect- this could be because of a lack of signal in the area, that your house is on the boundary of signal or your property set up may not facilitate the network, i.e. thick walls or meter location

In regards to the phone calls you recieved, I’m sorry if they made you uncomfortable in any way. We ask for these details as part of our privacy policy, in order to make sure members accounts are kept secure.

Compensation is added to an account upon the closure of a complaint. Looking over your last emails with us, the complaint was not agreed closed which is why the £60 will not have been added to the account.

I will send you a follow up email so that we can discuss this further, and I can answer any questions you may have.

All the best

Another month and again no promised follow up email.

What is clear from your response is:

  1. The offer of £60 was a bribe to close the complaint and not compensation for the missed/incorrect billing and woeful service. As I stated before I would have been happy to close the complaing it anybody had attempted to sort out the issue.

  2. Bulb knowingly supplied a product that they were aware had a ‘manufacturing issue’ and at no time during my many attempts to get it rectified did anybody mention this.

Now just refund me the outstanding balance on my account please.



Hi Richard,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

I can see there is a draft final bill on your account which I have just accepted. Once this has been processed, the refund of £120.72 will be processed back to your DD on the account.

I can only apologise once again for the issues with your meter.

Please let me know if you have any q’s or need anything else

– Daisy :bulb:

Hi Daisy,

The main question is why are you estimating my final bill?

We provided a reading to our new supplier on the 27th September of 5982, which shows up on their system, yet a month later you’re using an estimate of 6035.

Could you have a look please.


Hi @Slumberjack :wave:

When you close an account with an energy supplier, they’ll ask you to submit a final meter reading. When you open an account with a new supplier, they’ll ask for an opening meter reading too. In both cases, those readings are checked by a regulator. The regulator is an independent meter reading validation company. They estimate what they think the reading should be, and check that the readings supplied are within the expected range.

They’ve obviously got it wrong in your case, as you submitted an accurate read. Bulb and your new supplier should also be opening and closing your account on the same reading, so I’m sorry this wasn’t done. As the reading you’ve given us is very similar to their estimate, I’m afraid if we dispute it it will be rejected.

– Meg :bulb:

So once again I lose out by following the procedures. It’s only about £8, which bulb gets to pocket,but how many times does this happen?

Service really has gone downhill since I joined. In those days you could phone up and actually speak to somebody about any issues and they seemed to be able to resolve them. Now it’s just not your problem.

We’ve installed a Smart Meter and it can’t communicate so because of a ‘known’ fault you lose Economy 7 and you’ll be paying more for your electricity because of this…not our problem.

Here’s some compensation to keep you quiet if you drop your complaint. Oh you’d like the issue actually fixed before you drop the complaint, that’s not how it works no compensation for you.

Oh we got your final bill wrong, and we know it’s wrong, but really how can we be expected to actually care.

Sorry for the delay in replying @Slumberjack - we had community on hold for a while because the team’s been extremely busy. And I’m really sorry that you seem to have been through so many issues with us.

If we have consent and agreement from the new supplier that they will bill you from the reading you’ve given, we can absolutely put that as the final reading. But it does need to be an agreed “handover” read that’s the same for both of us. The issue here is that if we raise the dispute to change it, because it is within the accepted bounds, it will definitely be rejected by the new supplier. But if you’d like us to change it, and ask them to bill you to the other reading, I can make sure it’s accepted on our side.

Just let us know. - Miriam