We're having trouble finding your account

evre time I sign in my bulb account the say

We’re having trouble finding your account

I just want to pay my bill online but I don’t know how

Please help me
I am a special needs person and I really need your help

They won’t help you I’m afraid. They are an awful company, I’m so sorry they are ignoring you like this :frowning:

Shame on you Bulb.

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i am mantle challenge
i call him and the say we fix the problem but the not 6 months I tray pay the bill
i just want some respects

:disappointed: :disappointed: :disappointed: :disappointed: :disappointed: :disappointed:Please help me

I will sue you also I will talk about you bulb social media How do you take advantage of people with special needs 6 months I try to pay you and now I have a threat to evict from my apartment

bulb You are really evil

Bulb staff don’t work at weekends, so they’re not around to respond right now.

They do try to get to all the posts on this forum during working hours, but it is primarily a customer to customer space (it’s not formally one of their support channels).

Calling @Ele_at_Bulb or @LukeM_at_Bulb, sam6timexxx really needs help from Bulb.

bulb help

Hi @sam6timexxx and @stevefoster

Thank you for your posts and I’m really sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

@sam6timexxx I wasn’t able to find an account linked to the email you have used for your community profile, if there is a miss match in emails used this may be why you are having issues logging in to your account.

I’m sorry if you have received what you feel to be threatening correspondence, although we would never want or be able to evict someone from their property.

I’ve sent over an email to you so that we can find your account and help with your payments