We're installing smart meters again

We are installing smart meters again. Our engineers maintain social distancing and wear protective equipment to keep everyone safe. Check out all the details on the blog post.


That’s good news I had a smart meter installed by BG over 3 years ago but it stop working when I joined Bulb and I would like one again, can you tell me how long the wait is ?

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I’m afraid we don’t install smart meters for properties that already have an older generation of smart meter. This is because those older smart meters are going to be remotely updated at some point, which will allow any supplier to take readings from them - not just the one that installed the meter originally.

Unfortunately, we cannot give a precise date on when this will be. It is an industry wide update and relies on the DCC (who run the new shared smart network) for it to be implemented. We appreciate your patience with this.

You might find this community thread on the same topic useful :bulb: What do I need to do to get a smartmeter

Just been in contact to request a smart meter installation for dual fuel only to be told that 1) you have no smart gas meters in stock and 2) there’s a 2-3 month backlog on installations due to a shortage of engineers. Was your agent misinformed or is this announcement a bit premature? :slight_smile:

Hi @fergieweb and welcome to our Community :city_sunrise: ,

We’ve starting installing smart meters again but at a more limited capacity. Over the next couple months, we’re going to start to ramp the number of meters installations we are going complete gradually. But to ensure we maintaining strict safety standards we’re starting at a reduced rate.

With regards to your case, is your gas meter a semi-concealed gas meter (half in the ground)? or is it a normal gas meter that is in your home or in a meter box above ground?

Are you installing gas meters in semi concealed boxes yet?

I’ve been trying for ages to get smart meters, but get stalled because my gas meter is in a semi concealed box, and your engineers “don’t have the correct tools” ??? A gas fitter friend of mine said to me, “Tell them to ring me up and I’ll lend them some!”

Hi @twy49 and Welcome to our Community :cactus:,

The answer is both yes and no.

We can install a second generation of smart meter at your property if you have a semi-concealed gas meter but not right now because of coronavirus.

In February we started to be able to exchange these meters to smart meters. Ordinarily, we use Siemens to install our smart meters. However, we use another company called Morrisons Data Services who have the specialist equipment, so they are in charge of upgrading our properties that have semi-concealed gas meters to smart meters.

So… whilst we have started installing smart meters again at a limited capacity, right now it is only Siemens who are doing this for us. We haven’t yet got an update on when Morrisons will resume their jobs with us, however when we do have an update we will put it up here. We’re expecting over the next few weeks/couple months for metering jobs to be ramped up and resume as they were before.

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I have an immersion boiler, can I have a smart meter?

Hi @saranjithothi and welcome to our Community :national_park: ,

If you have an immersion boiler we will not be able to install a smart meter right now. This is not a coronavirus or Bulb issue but it is to with the current manufacturing of this type of smart meter.

If you have an immersion heater you will most likely have what is called a 5-terminal meter. You can double-check this easily by counting the wires that stick into the bottom of your electricity meter (these are called meter tails).

A normal meter will have 4 wires, but a 5-terminal meter will have 5. We currently waiting for 5-terminal smart meters to be manufactured and we don’t have an update right now on when these will be available. However, when they are we will put up a post here.

This is not an issue unique to Bulb but all suppliers who install smart meters are waiting on this type of meter.

Thanks for the update, hopefully I can get meters installed soon!

As regards safe working practises re coronavirus, both my gas and electricity meters are in outside boxes, so no need for inside access :+1:t2:

No problemo :bulb:

In your case, it should not be very long until we can exchange these meters for you :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve attached a picture, please can you confirm if this is definitely not something you can replace with smart meter.

Hi @saranjithothi You’ve got a single rate, rather than economy 7 electricity meter, as well as gas at the property. Are you sure that you have an immersion heater, rather than a boiler?

I believe we would be able to install a smart meter at your property :+1:

My old British Gas SmartMeter works (reads the meters but does not submit the reading obviously), if you would let me know how to connect it, I’d be happy to.

If not, please ping me when this can be sorted and you can send an engineer around


Hey @santiagoangulo some in home displays (which I believe you’re referring to) do stay connected and show usage data after you switch, it’s just if they lose connection that we can’t currently communicate with the IHD to reconnect it.

Fortunately the connection of first gen smart meters should all be done remotely and shouldn’t need an engineer, or any action from our members.

Ok that’s great- I better join the queue!

@saranjithothi be sure to stand at least two virtual meters from other members in the queue!

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Thanks for the response @Noah_at_Bulb! I appreciate that there’s going to be a slow start given the current situation. Maybe I could have been put on the waiting list and given an estimated date though?

The gas meter is a normal above-ground meter, so hopefully the Siemens team can be booked in when you have meters back in stock. Photo attached of housing:

Hi @fergieweb,

From what I can see, we would perform your exchange via Siemens not Morrisons.

I’ve found your account and can see that my colleague Asef has put you on our waiting list on Thursday. When we’re able to exchange your meter we will email you :slightly_smiling_face:

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When is bulb rolling out Smart meaters in Cumbria, we have been experiencing very high energy usage so we need to get on top of it all.