We're installing smart meters again

Hi @jforshawl20,

Thanks for getting in touch about your tariff. You can check the tariff prices on our website here to compare: Tariff | Bulb

We only offer 1 vari-fair tariff but the differences with the 1 rate, 2 rate and Economy 7 - change based on different hours you are charged. Do you have immersion or storage heaters?

I have sent you a private message. If you could get back to me with your account details I can look into the options available to you.

– Daisy :bulb:

Hi Daisy thanks for the reply!
Since writing I noticed another blog about E7 meters
The timing mechanism will be switched off within two years so all E7 will then default to single rate!
So I think I will stick with what I have until next spring as the blog said they should (E7) be replaced by March 2022
I know where I live a lot of smart meters will not connect so are automatically dumb and restricted to single rate tariffs only
Meter is 4 tails two in two out
Immersion & heating are on internal timers set at the approx time switch of meter or as and when needed!
Yours sincerely
Is your smart tariff still available and or EV available without an EV???
Also any reason why region 13 is the most expensive in great Britain for electricity???
Take care J.

Hi @jforshawl20,

What was the blog you were reading?

I’ve had a quick look at the area you’re property is in and the connectivity for smart meters is high, so that shouldn’t be a problem. The only thing would be the immersion. If 5 terminal 2-rate with a built-in time-switch, or 4 terminal 2-rate with an external time-switch and off-peak load, we wouldn’t be able to install a smart meter just yet. The best thing is to send a photo via email or DM and we can take a closer look if you’d like :eyes:

Distribution charges differ from region to region, which reflect the cost of transporting energy and charges providers pay to use the local gas pipes and electricity wires. I believe supply and demand can also play a part, with some choosing to set lower prices in certain regions.

You don’t need an EV to join the EV tariff, but do need to have a commissioned DCC enrolled smart meter.

Cara :bulb:

I had a smart meter installed in Nov 2019, for electricity at least, but not for gas, although it had been planned for the same day. Electricity was not commissioned then, and has still not been done. Nobody, neither Bulb nor installer has ever got back in touch. When, if ever? What if I try to switch from Bulb?

Hi @dleslie,

Thanks for your post.

I’m sorry to hear your smart gas installation didn’t go ahead. I can take a look into that for you now and see what we can do. Are you able to confirm if your gas meter is semi-concealed?

Unfortunately, If it’s in a brown box in the ground then we are unable to update it to smart at present. You can read more about gas meter boxes with a sloped lid here.

– Daisy :bulb:

Thanks! The meter is outside, but in a white box with a front-opening door, attached to the wall of the house. I could send a photo if that helps.

Hey @dleslie - that sounds like we should be able to install one for you :thinking:

Can you send a photo to help@bulb.co.uk and let us know when you have? One of us can then pick it up from there.

It’s also worth double checking the distance between the gas and elec meter- if its more than 10m the smart meters won’t be able to connect !

thanks! photo just sent by email. Straight line distance between the two meters is about 6 m.

@dleslie - great thanks, I’ll reply to you in the email thread and we can go from there :slight_smile:

Hi. I had a smart meter installed on 2nd June '21. It has yet to be commissioned. Can you tell me when I can expect to join the network. 7 months seems to be an excessive wait and it is much more awkward to read the new meters which were installed.

Hi. I had a smart meter installed on 2nd June '21. It has yet to be commissioned. Can you tell me when I can expect to join the network. 7 months seems to be an excessive wait and it is much more awkward to read the new meters which were installed.

Hey @AstraSE2

Thanks for your message and welcome to our community, we are really sorry about your problem with the smart meter.

We can see that your electric meter is commissioned but not the gas. When your smart meters were installed, the engineer was unable to connect your gas meter to the nationwide smart network. The smart network is still quite new, and the strength can vary around the country, it has been unable to get connected to the communications hub on your electric meter.

Would you be able to let us know the distance between the electric and gas meter please? (In metres) we could look into raising it with our team for further checks for you.

–Carl :bulb:

Hi, we had an engineer turn up last week to fit the smart meter. He had to leave before it was complete as he had two more jobs to do.

He told us to book another engineer to finish the job (which we booked for today) but they haven’t turned up (was supposed to be here 10-2). Now there is no option on my dashboard to book another engineer. What should we do?


Hi Carl. The distance is 2.5 metres. Gas meter is outside the house just above ground level. Electric meter is in a cupboard below the stairs.

Hi @vallake :wave:

I’m sorry the engineer wasn’t able to complete the job. I’ve just sent you an email now so we can establish what the next steps will be to get your smart meter up and running.

– Meg :bulb:

Hi @AstraSE2 :wave:

I’m really sorry but for the time being we can’t commission your gas meter.

We’re working hard to find a fix, but in the meantime, you’ll need to continue sending us readings. Sorry - I know this is frustrating. You can submit readings in the same way as before, by clicking Submit a meter reading in your Bulb account.

– Meg :bulb:

Hi Megan.
Can you tell me if I need to submit Electric meter readings also or can they be done from the Smart system?

Hi @AstraSE2 :wave:

I’ve just had a quick look into your account and we receive smart meter readings from your electricity meter on the 15th of each month which are used to generate your monthly bill. You will not have to submit any electricity readings manually, however you will need to submit your gas meter readings to ensure these are accurate.

Luke :bulb:

We have had 3 failed smart meter appointments and have been waiting since October. Every time the appointment is cancelled we go to the back of the que. Now we cannot even book in an appointment and are on a waiting list.
Please can we get an appointment booked in ASAP?

Hi @coombecottage :wave: Welcome to Community,

I am sorry to hear your smart installations have been cancelled.

I can see you are in touch with my colleague Mercy over email about getting a job booked sooner. I can see she has been checking back on this every few days and so once she has had a reply from our metering company you will get an email to confirm dates.

Thanks for your patience with this,

– KT :bulb: