We're installing smart meters again

So just tried to raise case with ombudsman - 8 weeks have to pass before this can be done.
@Lou_at_Bulb @CJ_at_Bulb @renee_n_at_bulb @Jim_at_Bulb @Sophie_at_Bulb - are any of you going to respond ?
The email came through following yesterdays call to them which is pretty much the same as one from 26/11 - its a joke. they are looking at it again despite doing the same two weeks ago.

Thanks for taking the time to get in touch with us about your meter complaint.

I’m working on this now, and will keep you posted with the progress I make.

You can find the details of our complaints handling process at Complaints | Bulb.

If at any point through this process, you’d like independent advice, you can contact the Citizens Advice Bureau through Contact the consumer helpline - Citizens Advice

I hope you’re happy with this suggestion, but if not please get back to us with how we can better address your concerns. If we don’t hear anything in 14 days, we’ll consider your complaint closed.


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One wonders if the fitters are getting a BONUS for each instalation as they seem to be installing them willy-nilly without bothering their A&E to check if their getting a signal or not

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Indeed - I’m not entirely sure that anything was working properly when installer left and despite me asking and getting him to show me …‘Oh it will probably take 24 hours to resolve’ - Hmmmmph

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Hi @sueboo,

I’m really sorry that your complaint is taking longer than expected to resolve. I’m just speaking with my colleague whos raised this for you now, and as soon as we have an update we’ll let you know. I appreciate your patience and completely understand how frustrating this is.


Just had smart meters installed but they have not been commissionedi.e. they are just working as ordinary meters and not connecting with Bulb or In Home Display. Installation engineers couldn’t do it and said it could be done remotely. This does not appear possible either. Think twice before going through the hassle of getting these installed as this appears to be a common issue and Bulb do not appear to be able to fix it at their end. Frustrating to have meters that are definitely not Smart!

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Lou…I wish I’d read this before getting mine installed or that Bulb had told me of the unlikelihood of having the meters function as intended. It is hugely frustrating and Bulb just need to be transparent and honest about when or if the meters will ever be commissioned. Your customer service used to be great …but I’ve had lots of promises of responses and solutions that have not materialised. I am a member of Which and think I should be encouraging them to run an article on this.

Exact same situation here

I had engineers come out months and months ago. They tried to fit smart meters and failed. They said that they knew of issues connecting remotely but would be a few months before they would come out again to try and fix it. Then COVID happened so all has gone quiet. I can no longer get meter readings for my gas, as it has nothing taking the reading, it is just blank. So, how do I know that I am not paying too much for my gas (as the amount gas now gone up!!) I can only give electric readings. My payments have gone up each month and you keep asking me to submit readings that I cannot take.

Hey @Harper201,

Welcome to Bulb community! :wave:

I’m really sorry to hear that your smart meter installation failed, I tried to check for the job notes but I don’t think the engineer left any notes on your account.

But we do apologise for the radio silence between March to August, this was because our meter installers were following government guidelines whereby we were unable to do non-emergency meter exchanges.

We’re really sorry that you have been unable to obtain a gas reading, we can look into booking another smart meter installation!

Could you get in touch with us via email (help@bulb.co.uk), our live chat service or via any of our social media channels?

From there, we’ll be more than delighted to look into booking in a meter exchange :relaxed:


I still get rejected every single time I click on the booking page because I have a sloped gas meter box. Any news on when these install will be available.


Hi @ben.whyall,

Only a small amount of our meter operators can replace semi-concealed gas meters (which is what you have), if they are available they’ll come up on the booking form but we don’t have another way of booking these in right now. We hope that we should have a better way of booking these in really soon.


I had a smart meter fitted a few weeks ago and it is yet to show the reading for electricity. It has been reset but still no update. There doesn’t seem to be any way of notifying bulb other than the reset option.
Can the query be picked up from here? How can I get the electricity connected.
The fitter said he confirmed with bulb that the readings were being received but I only see an update for the gas reading on my account.
Thanks for sending your feedback.

Hi @JustMe,

Welcome to our Community Page! :wave:

I have taken a quick look into your account now and can see that your meter exchange took place on the 4/1/21. We have began to receive the gas reads, but the electric are yet to come through remotely.

The current timeframe is around 3 weeks for Smart meters to integrate onto the smart network after an installation. I can see that the meter technical details have been added, so please do allow some time for the meter to join the network.

If after the 3 week time frame the electric meter has yet to generate any reads remotely, please do let us know and we’ll be able to action a commissioning on this for you.


I have E7 and storage heaters so a 5 tail meter. I spoke to EDF 2 days ago and there is not a problem installing a smart meter with the meter I have. I find it strange that people on here get told a different story.

I am getting smart meter installation emails about twice a month - I must have had a dozen copies by now, and another arrived today. And yet Bulb still are not able to install for E7. Dear Bulb, please get your meters sorted out, or stop sending me all these emails.

Can you explain why I keep getting emails with regards to smart meters being installed. The first one I filled in as required but because my electric meter is too high I’m not eligible for them. I have been receiving these emails time and again. So the last one I thought I’d fill in in case the criteria had changed over the last 6 months, but it hasn’t so I do not understand why this does not show on my details that I can’t have one so I don’t keep receiving email after email to get one

Hey @cassiel - I am sorry about this. I can add you to our waitlist for E7 smart meters so you won’t be emailed/messaged until then? Let me know if you want me to action this for you.

@doingdamage - if you’re able to complete the form by answering all the questions then you will be eligible! If you’re not sure, let me know and we can look into this via email for you.


Yep, please put me on the list. Any idea of an ETA? I’ve been getting these coming-next-year emails for a couple of years at least.

Hi Georgie. I’m saying I already know I’m not eligible (very old property and meter too high) but I’m still getting the email and I got another text Since first sending this 3 days ago. Is there somewhere you can put me on the non eligible list or have it added to my account please?

I’ve been told o can’t get an in home monitor due to having a version 1 smart meter. The original meter owner has said it’s bulb responsibility to upgrade my meter and allow me to get an in home monitor. If the version 1 meters aren’t being upgraded how am I ever meant to get an in home monitor? Will this remote update allow this to happen?