We're installing smart meters again

Desperately need credit meters installed but I’m getting conflicting information on how long I have to wait :pensive:

Hi @cassiel - unfortunately it is still a bit of a waiting game and we’re not 100% sure of an ETA just yet. I’ve logged this on our system, so you shouldn’t receive any communications about this until these smart meters are available to be installed.

Hi @doingdamage, I’ve logged this on our system so you shouldn’t receive any further communications about smart meters :+1:

Hi @chris_wallace :relaxed: Unfortunately, as we never installed S1 meters as a company, we don’t stock the compatible IHD (In-Home Display) units. We are enrolling these smart meters onto the smart network however, so once this has been done, you’ll be able to get usage graphs on your Bulb account and app.

Hi @pearce.illana23, I can see that you have prepayment meters at your property, so we’ll need to run a soft credit check first, so we can ensure that we’re able to exchange your meters for prepay meters. I’ve sent you an email about this so we can go forward with this for you :+1:

Don’t get too excited - my electricity smart meter stopped working last August. Despite two attempts to reboot (takes six weeks apparently!) still not working. There seems to be a network problem. Not sure about the logic of installing new meters when there is a network problem.

Hey @CidermanMick - I’m sorry to hear the reboot hasn’t worked :pensive:
Just like you said, there are a couple of issues on the smart network that can cause reboots to fail right now on the meters that are affected.

The network operators and meter manufacturers are working on solutions to these as we speak and we’ll get the fixes as they’re updated sent out to meters automatically. We are working on fixing them with the DCC and hopefully your meters can start sending us reads again really soon!

This won’t necessarily affect all meters though, so we can still install them for other members and it’ll be successful :bulb:

Hi. I keep getting texts notifying me of smart meter readings in my area. I’m moving soon so I’m not interested. I’ve texted STOP to the number given to opt out twice but I still keep getting them every 20 mins or so. It’s very aggravating.

Had meters fitted last September, electricity meter works ,gas doesn’t, reading your reply sounds like bog standard reply bulb uses for all its customers about gas meters,still waiting for mine to be commissioned not holding my breath on this been done ,

Hey @JandT :wave:

Sorry you kept receiving them, we had a bit of a technical glitch yesterday where repeat messages were sent out. We’ve now resolved this so you shouldn’t receive any more.

– H :sun_behind_small_cloud:

Hi @Littledave

Your meter is stuck at the stage where the security credentials are loaded on the meter. If we’re unable to upload our credentials, we leave the meter in a dumb mode for security reasons which is why we need the manual reads and why the commissioning hasn’t worked.

This will be fixable, it is a priority for the industry to do so, we just need to work with the meter manufacturers and DCC network operator to find the root cause and resolve it. Once we have those we’ll attempt to commission your meters again for you.

– H :sun_with_face:

Thanks for the reply, but ive nothing new from bulb as of yet. September 2020 i got the metres put in. Electric is fine, Gas meter never commissioned and I’ve emailed bulb numerous times with out satisfactory answer. same old same old,maybe an email to ombudsman may speed bulb along? Reading your forum plenty disappointed customers with this problem.

@Littledave Unfortunately as this error is also one relating to third parties, it’s not fixable immediately and we need to wait on the DCC. So at the moment we can’t do anything to speed it along. The meter itself isn’t faulty, as you can take manual readings, it just can’t get onto the smart network at the moment. Once we do have a fix we’ll remotely apply these to affected meters to get them working :relaxed:

I understand that dual meters cannot be upgraded to smart meters at present… would appreciate not being bombarded with emails offering what I cannot have.
What is the plan for dual meter upgrades?

Hi @brian_arbuckle :wave:

Welcome to Bulb Community!

I have switched off smart communications until we can offer this. This is being worked on currently. While we don’t have a definitive timeline as of yet, the smart team will be in touch when we are able to install smart for the particular metering setup in your property.

Thank you,
Cara :blush:

Still done nothing about gas meter ,bulb loves passing the buck to a 3rd party, quick to put prices up .9 months waiting for it to work and same old story , not fit for purpose

Yesterday I received another letter from Bulb regarding installing smart meters

Even though you know Im an E7 customer (so couldn’t have one installed even if I wanted to), even though I opted out of smart meter installation emails, even though you know I’m in the process of switching, you sent an unnecessary letter regardless. For a company bragging their green energy, you’re not very eco-friendly for posting a letter.

Explain that.

Hi @miltiadis.alexios.pa

I am sorry to hear that you have continued to recieve smart meter communications although you are not eligible. I have raised this with the accounts team to ensure you are no longer contacted regarding smart meters.

I will also pass your feedback onto the team regarding how we send out our smart meter communications in the future.