We're planning on paying members' exit fees. What do you think?

A member recently emailed us to say that, while they were definitely going to sign up, one thing that made them pause was worrying that they might have to pay an exit fee.

We considered this and, yes, not knowing if you have an exit fee could and is worrying! You might be saving over £200 with Bulb, but exit fees can be a big unknown over your head. No one likes that sort of thing! We want switching to renewables to be a super simple experience.

So, we thought we’d pay off newly joined members exit fees for them. Problem solved! When your old supplier sends you a final bill, just send us a copy and we’ll refund it to your Bulb account.

We want to get your thoughts:

  • Do you think this is a good idea? (hopefully you do!)
  • Can you think of anything else that could make it easier to make the switch?

Thanks folks!


I think that’s an excellent idea (as I’ve just joined Bulb!) :wink:

Great, thanks @judyam :slight_smile:

In the theme of making is easier for people to switch, and since you’ve just joined, is there anything we could have done to make switching more straightforward?

One thing that would have given me more security would have been to explain the process in relation to my current company, as I didn’t know whether I needed to do anything else. It seemed too easy! E.g. “once you decide to switch to us, you won’t need to do anything else. We’ll contact your current provider, showing them your decision to switch, and the process will carry on from there. The only thing you may want to check is whether your current provider will charge an exit fee for leaving your contract early. This should involve a simple phone call…”

Or you could offer to cover the charge.

Or if you have access to the information yourselves, you could find out what different providers charge to switch, and let the customer know depending on which provider they have.

Or you could do both and let the customer know so they can see what a good deal they’d get for switching.

All great points. Thanks @judyam.

I’ll have a look and see where we could talk more about how we talk to the old supplier. Great idea. Do you think this should go earlier on in the switch process? Or were you mostly thinking about it after you’d got your quote?

I’m not sure whether we could automatically look up what exit fees are charged for each tariff. I have a feeling that it isn’t possible though. I’ll do some research. Either way, hopefully just paying off the exit fees will solve most headaches.

Thanks again.