We're sorry for the poor service recently

I received and email from hello@bulb.co.uk saying they’re going to pay me £10 for waiting 6 minutes when I called them the other day and that I should wait for an email from TransferWise. I’m pretty suspicious when it comes to money emails, is this a scam?


I thought it was weird that they’d send me money for such a miniscule thing, is it normal for them?

I agree but they do, they do advertise that they will pay x amount if delays in answering the phone. And believe it or not some are still not happy they got £10 for the delay, they want more. :slight_smile:

I think I must have had over £100 since the iHD debacle began just for hanging on the line to speak with somebody at bulb!

I’ve also had a £10 credit to my account after Bulb failed to reply to a reported issue on 22nd July and closed 5 days ago without any human or automated response. Feeling tempted to switch to the cheaper in my case PurePlanet company still as Bulb have yet to reduce their gas pricing or fix their silly cubic metre quantised daily gas pricing chart.