We're trialling double referral rewards for members on their Bulbiversary

@aliuk You and the person who used your link won’t get a referral credit until the switch day but you should see the person’s name in the Refer A Friend section of your online account. Regarding notifications of referral sign ups (and also notifications of referral switches completing), there does appear to be an issue because I’ve had emails for neither for several days now.

I liked the idea of this but I’d suggest some improvements.

I got the first email on Monday at 2:55pm and the subject heading was “Happy Bulbiversary, has it been a year already?” There was nothing to suggest that there was a special offer in the email, or that there was any point reading the email. It sounded like it was going to be a generic message so I ignored it. My first suggestion is to improve the subject wording.

I got a second email the next day at 5:05pm with the subject “Last chance for double referral rewards”. So I opened this one! It sounded like a great idea and I was happy to spread the word to friends, but the email said I had to do it by midnight that day.

So I looked back at the Monday email and it said the offer was available “this week”. In fact for me it was only available for about 26 hours. So my second suggestion is to make the offer available for a full week, not just a day. I got a message today from someone who would have used the offer to sign up but was too late.

The initial message in this thread seems to say that the offer should last for a full week, so maybe the short offer for me was just a mistake?

Hi @jdo21 - I’m really sorry about that, you definitely shouldn’t have only got a day, we’ve not sent out any comms on a Monday for this, and I’m sorry you missed out on the full span. I’ll look into this and send you an email to try and work out what happened there.

As for the subject line, we’re looking at tweaks to the wording as well.

Thank-you for this.
Shared my link 20 mins ago and already got one person switching. That’ll definitely help towards our winter fuel costs.

How do I stop being subscribed to this topic? :slight_smile:

How do I stop being subscribed to this topic? :)

I’m guessing you can’t due to the fact you contributed a response earlier on in this thread.

@willmow you can change your settings by clicking the ‘edit profile’ button. You’ll be able to stop any notifications.


I actually took it be that @willmow wanted to know how to unsubscribe from this particular topic, I think the Edit profile approach would mean unsubscribed from all topics?

@Allanr: yes, that’s right.
@Eleanor: so contributing to a topic means you’re fated to receive other people’s posts until the end of time? That’s… daft. This all-or-nothing option has no place in a civilised society and need changing, or I won’t be contributing to any further topics! And won’t you be sorry… :#

Hi @willmow , apologies, I’ve disabled you getting notifications on posts that you contribute to unless you are specifically tagged in them, or if you created them.

You can amend your preferences further by going to your profile, clicking on the little man in the top right, click Edit Profile, and then Edit Preferences. You can choose which actions will give you a notification, and which will not.

Hi Bill - thanks for that. I originally looked for the settings but couldn’t find them - hence my post. I’m happy now (well, if you don’t count Brexit, climate change, my wife being vegetarian, and people leaving their engines running for hours before driving off…).

It’s the little things that get you by!

Hi again Bulberinos,

We’ve run some trials of Bulbiversary for a few weeks now. We think in the main that it’s something that people enjoyed.

Now, we’re going take a slight step back, and consolidate the feedback we’ve got from our members. We want to make sure we know what worked, what didn’t and what we can do to improve it. As it is, the process is manual and incredibly time-consuming, and we want to make sure everything functions really well – not just for you, but for the friends you’re referring.

If you should have had a Bulbiversary this year, and haven’t had one yet, don’t worry. We haven’t forgotten about you. As soon as we’ve made some improvements, we’ll be getting back in touch with our members who have passed their 1 year anniversary with us.


Am I eligible for bulbiversary ?

@Sgb, when did you join Bulb? I believe this is still ongoing so once you’ve been with Bulb for a year you’ll get your bulbiversary.

@Sgb @mowcius - We’ve put a hold on Bulbiversary for the time being, we’re still working out what to do on this front. But, quite a few fun things coming up soon (if you like referrals).

But, quite a few fun things coming up soon (if you like referrals).
Yeah, I don't really.

Can we just get Bulb to spend more time quashing bugs and existing issues instead?

@Sgb @mowcius - We've put a hold on Bulbiversary for the time being, we're still working out what to do on this front. But, quite a few fun things coming up soon (if you like referrals).

Nice, please do inform me of any updates.

I got offered it a while back but sadly I had every person I could think of already signed up. But great ideas guys…

I switched to bulb completelly, and i amed to bulb via friends link but no reawrd at all, than i talked to a member over the phone he said after three or two top-ups i will get my reward. But not at all :frowning: in bulb website writing that reward tg ou getting when you passing completelly… And… Here i live 5 years, nobody used bulb before…