what a nightmare

i have spent a lot of time trying to log on /change my password/send my meter readings but to no avail and I am just going around in circles. I originally signed up for bulb then contacted them when I found out about the referral scheme and £50 off. they advised me to cancel and reapply through a referral which I did . I thought that was it when I received e mails about the changeover. however when they asked me for a meter reading I could not log on so changed my password several times but to no avail .I cannot even find a e mail box where I can type out my problem in plain English,can anyone advise please

Hi @kendo15 – the cancelling and re-applying confused our web sign-in. I’ve fixed it now. (For others reading this – not that we no longer recommend cancelling and re-applying.)

@kendo15 I’ve just sent an email to you which contains a link that will allow you to directly access your MyBulb account. Once you are in, please change your password in the ‘View account and tariff info’ section of MyBulb.

If that still doesn’t work, please reply to me with your opening readings.

Btw, our email address is help@bulb.co.uk.