What a total waste of time the chat app is

I’m new to bulb, my account is supposed to go live tomorrow and I’ve been trying to submit a meter reading both via the website and the app, the “submit reading” in both does nothing.
But by far the worst feature is this app chat which I’ve tried to use many, many times over the last week and it just says “unavailable”.
Finally got in today to end up waiting about 25 minutes just for someone to ask me my details, the waited another 30 minutes with no response so ended up giving up with it…
Seriously considering cancelling the whole thing if this is the level of support and functionality of the portals…

I just had similar experience waiting fir a reply in the chat sent e mail asking 2 questions didnt get a reply so thought i would try chat i only just joined but have made first payment so cant leave without penalty arent bulb meant to be most trusted supplier?

I and many others were not aware bulb charge exit/cancellation fees could you please enlighten us as to where you got this information

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I agree I requested my account be updated with option to be able to top up & still not done despite being promised that this would be sorted out. Interestingly the option was there and was removed, the reason Bulb knows. Therefore the chat app is a crap indeed and customer service is Bill and disgusting.