What are my Day and Night rate times?

Hi guys,

I have a rate 1 and rate 2 meter and i would like to know what times do I get the cheaper rate and what times do I get the expensive rate?


Hi @maraimi777 ,

The Economy 7 off-peak time will be the same as your previous supplier was - it’s meter specific (not supplier specific). If you don’t know, there are maps available which give the most common economy 7 hours for a region - but meters can vary within a region: so it’ll be best to drop Bulb an email at help@bulb.co.uk to ask for your meter specifics timing. Meters are allowed to be 30 minutes ‘out’ from real time (and they tend to follow GMT all year round: not a problem during the winter, but during the summer remember to add one hour) so it’s worth just checking the time on your meter compared to ‘real time’ so you know).

As for the pricing: If you log into https://account.bulb.co.uk (or click ‘Sign in’ in the top right corner) and go to ‘Tariff’, you’ll see the rates you are currently being charged. If you don’t fancy logging in, you can also go to https://bulb.co.uk/tariff , scroll to the bottom, enter your postcode (as prices vary slightly per region due to distribution costs) and select ‘Economy 7’ and you’ll be shown the ‘current new customer rates’. These rates may not necessarily be what you are paying - if you signed up before the price rise on September 10th , you’ll be on the old ‘slightly cheaper’ prices until the 11th of November (60 days after the price rise announcement).

Hope it helps!

Hi @maraimi777 as RichyB says it depends on your meter and won’t change when you switch supplier. If it helps, I believe that your meter has night usage 0000-0030, 0230-0730, 2230-2400