What are the chances my lights will go out?

Fear not! The chance of this happening is tiny and are the same no matter who your chosen supplier is. Whether you’re with Bulb or one of the Big Six, the supplier at the property has no affect on reliability of supply. This is the shared responsibility of National Grid and Ofgem.


The energy industry is heavily regulated by the governing body Ofgem. Part of their job is to ensure customers of all energy suppliers receive a constant, reliable supply. Even if a supplier were to fold, Ofgem would ensure there is no loss of supply.

All energy suppliers in the UK are obligated to take on the customers of any supplier that fails, so even in the worst case scenario you will still have a supplier.

National Grid:

National Grid are the guys who ensure power is delivered and ready to use at your home 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It’s a complicated job, but we think they do it pretty well!

What if they do go out?

If you are without supply, please see our faults and emergencies section for more information.