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We asked you what’s important in an energy provider - your answers are below.

What do you think? Is anything missing from the list?

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Hello Bulb,
Welcome to Texas! What I’m looking for in Texas is an electric company that understands the unique power ecosystem that exists here in the Lone Star State. It can get mighty hot and bone chilling cold and sometimes in the same day! Our weather in Texas is quite unique and I’m hoping you will be the unique electric provider this state needs! Currently I am a Griddy member and I really enjoy the actionable insights I get provided in real time so I the user can choose if I want to react or not. So I would hope you have similar insights. Beyond this as a current member of a company like Griddy, what would be some benefits switching from Griddy to Bulb? There are many choices for electricity providers here in Texas and I’m just wanting to figure out how Bulb fits in. I consider myself a tech savvy consumer and I can’t wait to see the updates you provide in the upcoming weeks and months.

Hey Josh, thanks for the warm welcome! We’re very excited about being newcomers because it gives us the flexibility to build a company that suits your needs. Our members are our best source of inspiration, so we really appreciate you reaching out.

Bulb doesn’t currently offer real-time pricing, but we’re always open to new ideas. We keep our members informed on the status of wholesale market with regular posts like these. What makes our plan different? Well, we only have one. It’s variable and all of our members are on it. We follow the wholesale price of energy and hedge out the spikes, so there’s no nasty surprises during the summer. If wholesale costs increase significantly, we’ll give you two months notice before we increase our rate. We want our members to know that they’re always getting the best price we can offer. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not your provider is waiting for you to ‘fall asleep’ and get rolled onto a more expensive plan. In the UK that practice is known as “tease and squeeze”, but we’re not sure what ya’ll call it here?

Beyond that, there’s a number of benefits to being a Bulberino. On average, your carbon emissions will be slashed by 8.8 tons by going green. That’s like planting 3,965 trees! We have an ongoing referral program that rewards both you and the person you refer $25 for every switch. There’s no limit to the amount of people you can refer; it’s a win-win for both our members and Bulb. We’ll also pay your cancellation charges to help bring you over to the green side. And if you’re not totally convinced, you’re free to go. We don’t believe in cancellation charges and we’ll never charge them.


The link that you posted is dated 21st June 2019 is there an updated one reflecting any further price reductions?

Hi Allanr :wave: No, there aren’t any more recent updates. I was using that UK blog post to serve as an example for what we might want to do in the US. For reference, all price updates can be found here.

Will the referral program be the same in France and spain. I have relatives there who want to join bulb.

Will you be making a sub forum for them too?

Hi Sam :wave: Very sorry we didn’t get back to you when you raised this question. At the moment referrals can only be used for the same nation or state but we love the idea of international referrals. :world_map:

I’ve raised this with my team and i’ll let you know if is this something we think we can do. If you are a Bulb member in Texas at the moment, make sure to take advantage of our double referral offer which is running till the 27th of Sept,

Let me know if you need anything else or have any more cracking ideas!

I need help paying my bill. I read that I can get assistance from the community but how do I do that?

The only help the Community should be able to provide is to ask you to have a look at: https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/115003510972-If-you-re-having-trouble-paying

Hope this helps?

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No, it doesn’t but I appreciate your help. I’m in the USA, Texas

Hi Peggy. We can set up a scheduled payment, payment plan or send you a payment link that you can use at anytime. I’ve just sent you an email with a few options, let me know over email how you’d like to proceed!