What can I do on MyBulb


I was just wondering what I can do on MyBulb at the moment? Just about to move to London and thinking of using bulb. Would love to be able to submit meter readings online (can see I can do this), but also want to be able to see what my previous meter readings were so I can see my powere/gas usage over time.


Hi @bytesnz

You can do all those things. Here’s a quick run down of what you can do:

  • Submit readings
  • see previous readings
  • see your tariff info
  • change your account details
  • change your payment details
  • change your monthly payment amount
  • refer a friend and get £50 each,

And more. It’s also nice and mobile friendly so you can do everything on your phone too.

Fantastic @will. Thank you very much!

You’re very welcome @bytesnz :slight_smile: