What do I do next - the phone call came...... and went!

I just joined Bulb. The welcome phone call just got cut off. I am still waiting.
BULB where are you?

Hey @Robinovitch,

Firstly welcome to community and thank you for joining Bulb.

I’m really sorry to hear you were cut off. I’ve requested that you get another welcome call today.

Let me know if you have any other questions about your switch in the meantime!

Hi Oisin. Firstly I haven’t had that call yet (19.30 pm). Secondly, Shell Energy say they’ll charge me £30 for leaving, although Sebastian, your agent, assured me you would pay any such fee. So I would welcome clarification on that. With regard to your message - of course I’ll be kind to fellow community members. But I will criticise any falling down on good practice by your company. The posts I have seen are uncomfortably hostile to you and give an impression of a company at sea, so I hope they are not accurate. I support green behaviour but not as an excuse to overcharge or muddy the waters.

give an impression of a company at sea
Hi, I hope you have a pleasant trip, we all had some 3 year’s ago but sadly all good things come to an end so we have to say good bye. Enjoy it while you can. Only you can make the choice in shall I go or shall I stay. Not sure why you call our post’s “uncomfortably hostile” we are angry in the way we have been treated in regards to the price increase on our DD. and then for Bulb to say oh we have looked at your account its all fine, so we won’t increase the DD. That’s why I’m leaving like so many other here. Its all down to communication between Bulb and the customer .

Im in credit with bulb but they are setting my average monthly DD to £30/mth more than my highest ever mid winter monthly bill which will accrue £400/year in credit. Theyll be getting me switch notice shortly.

  1. The call never came.
  2. Your salesman told me I could get smart meters for both fuels from you.
    I would like that to happen as soon as possible.
    This is a request for your word to be kept.
    You already broke your word by not giving me the welcome call you promised.
    I do hope you make the replacement meter appointment soon.
    Otherwise, I have to go to the market to find a company who will.

By the way, your website is not honest.
It contrives to show a particpatory, and contributory model, but you don’t respond.
Nobody on these pages seems to be happy.
This is a disgrace!
Come on Bulb, sort it out!

Hi @Robinovitch,

I’m so sorry to hear you never received a follow up call.

I’ve just sent you an email now regarding your smart meter exchange.