What do I need to do to get a smartmeter

I’ve been Bulb customer for years and I’d like a smart meter and all things smart. What do I need to do to get this?

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We actually don’t install smart meters for properties that already have an older generation of smart meter installed. This is because those older smart meters are going to be remotely updated at some point, which will allow any supplier to take readings from them - not just the one that installed the meter originally.

Unfortunately, we cannot give a precise date on when this will be. It is an industry wide update and relies on the DCC (who run the new shared smart network) for it to be implemented. We appreciate the patience with this, once it is done we’ll be able to get you all those wonderful smart things :bulb: :grinning:

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I wasn’t made aware that when I switched from OVO to Bulb that I’d be climbing up ladders and crawling under stairs to read meters! With OVO they were getting readings directly from my Smart Meter. As a programmer there really is no reason why Bulb can’t do it and OVO can. You can’t just point a finger at a third party and say it’s their fault, it’s isn’t. It’s down to Bulb to implement the same system OVO had. I’ll be glad to switch back just so I don’t have the hassle.


Actually I feel I’ve been mis-sold your service by Bulb not disclosing the meter issue.


Hi @iansummerfield

I’m sorry to hear that you feel you’ve been mis-sold our service.

When we signup a property we don’t get information about what sort of meter is there until a few days before the switch goes through, making it tough to give a warning. The installing supplier would also normally let you know the meter is only compatible with them.

We aren’t trying to blame anyone, I simply meant the reason I can’t give a precise date for the update is that it’s not something we can control. It is an industry-wide issue that those older smart meters can only communicate with their installing supplier, as they’re put on a smart network specific to said supplier. They’re going to be migrated to the DCC shared network, though.

I am really sorry you’re unhappy with how the switch has gone. If you’d like to raise a formal complaint about this the easiest way is to email complaints@bulb.co.uk detailing the problems you’ve had.

I switched to Bulb from Npower 3 years ago, I had a smart meter from Npower but I`ve switched it off as soon as the switch completed.

Are you saying that in the future Ill be able to use that old Npower smart meter to communicate with Bulbs network and give my readings automaticaly?

Hi @Doinita,

Yes exactly, our aim is to be able to read all first generations smart meters so that they send readings automatically by the end of the year. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you Noah, good thing I didn`t bin that Npower smart meter then :slight_smile:

Hi @Doinita To clarify, the smart meter is the physical unit attached to the wall that your energy flows through. The in home display that shows usage data is what I believe you’re referring to.

We’re hoping we’ll be able to communicate with these as well as the meter, but this may differ depending on the model of in home display unit you have

Yes, I was reffering to the in home display that shows usage data, now I understand what you mean, thank you.

According to the FAQ on the DCC website:
“All SMETS1 meters will be migrated to the DCC’s system before the end of 2020. To find out the exact date you’ll be migrated you will need to speak with your energy supplier, as this is their decision.”

So as my energy supplier, could you please tell me the exact date that my smart meters will be migrated?


Hi @grahamlucas Welcome to the Bulb Community :wave:

Thanks for raising what the DCC have said about this. This is something that all suppliers have been working with the DCC on and at the moment it definitely isn’t up to us when we connect to first generation smart meters through the DCC’s national smart network.

Once the connection process has been finalised then this may be where different supplier’s timelines become more relevant, but although we’ve recently made a massive step towards being able to do this for a large number of our members, we’re not currently able to give specific dates as it’s not yet at our discretion.

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Any more news?

I’ve been on your list for using our ex-Ovo Smets1 smart meters, or new ones, since 2017 and every time I look you’re making yet more excuses and producing very vague waffle that blames someone else because absolutely nothing has happened. .

Please get your act together and enable my smartmeters. Failing which, give me a date when you’re going to take them out, throw them away and put working ones in, but if you’re going to do that then stop greenwashing everything.

Hi @corvus We now have access to the vast majority of Secure manufactured SMETS1 meters, and can take smart readings from these meters, we’re working to connect to the rest of these meters that we supply as soon as possible. To clarify on the options you’ve mentioned above, we won’t be removing these meters to replace with SMETS2

Hi. Apologies for posting this here but I’ve searched the forums and can’t find the answer. I’ve recently moved to Bulb (so far so good). I have a Smart Electricity meter and it’s now reporting everything on the IHD.

However, I have a “dumb” gas meter that has the sloping roof (i.e. it’s partially submerged) and I’d like that converted if possible. I’m aware that this requires a specific team with specific equipment and thus it might take a while to get an appointment but how do I make that request?

Also, I’d really like to use STEC as I use a lot of SmartThings plugs. My meter is an upgraded SMETS1 - is there any opportunity for getting it upgraded at the same time?

Thanks in advance

@Noah_at_Bulb previously you wrote by the end of the year (2020) you wanted to read all gen 1 smart meters.

Hows that going?

Any news on the progress of reading gen1 meters?

See also: https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/360023777292-First-generation-SMETS1-smart-meters

Hi @Pbcharlie, good question. We are enrolling a lot of smart meters so that they send us readings automatically. As with the article that @Allanr kindly linked, we are aiming to have completed this by Summer 2021.

When we’re able to read your meters, we’ll let you know via email. :relaxed:

Many thanks,

Niamh :bulb:


Just joined Bulb. Any idea why my property can’t have a Smart Meter?