What do you think about the Bulb website?

Hey chaps and chapesses,

We’re constantly looking to improve our site, it’s the main bit that you all see, so anything that we can do to improve it is like gold dust to us. So, we’ve got a few questions for you. It doesn’t matter if you love or hate everything. We want to know!

- What do you like about the site?

  • What could we do better?
  • Do you find the Bulb site easy to use, or are there any annoying niggles?

Hit us with your best, we won’t be offended :slight_smile:

Cheers y’all.

Hey Will,

“What do you like about the site?”

  • Personally I love the functionality of it and how easy it is to explore and move around the website and the forums that come with it. The smooth, slick design with the large interfaces make it a lot easier to see what’s going on and the colour scheme definitely makes it easy on the eye, as well as the fact I can concentrate on one thing without hundreds of different colours shooting at me to try and grab my attention or irritate me - I love the site!

“What could we do better?”

  • I’m not sure what more you could do that hasn’t already been done or mentioned - the colour scheme is fantastic. the layout is amazing as well as the size and positioning of things and the general functionality of the website is amazing too.

“Do you find the Bulb site easy to use, or are there any annoying niggles?”

  • I’ve mentioned this before but I’ll definitely say it again, I find the site incredibly easy to use and navigate around - there’s no hidden menus or options that I’ve had to dig into and no annoying hitches that might pop up, everything has gone nothing but smoothly over my time of using the website and forum, there’s nothing but positive and bright feedback from me!

Hope this helps,

Ditto @mitchell

Everything works so well so far, I think it’s a case of see how things unfold with an influx of members - see what sort of questions they ask on the community and if anything can be made clearer. but from what I can see everything feels nice and has logical sense to it.

I’m trying really hard to find somthing to pick holes in that you can improve on, but so far not a thing.

Usernames have to be all in lowercase - it took me ages to realise that when I was signing up - it kept rejecting my username and I couldn’t work out why. In fact, I think the pop-up saying i wasn’t using the correct username format suggested I could use upper and lower case, but I couldn’t - has to all be in lowercase. That’s a shame. And if it is necessary you need to shout about it to minimise user frustration :wink:

Thanks x

@maryrcrumpton the lowercase thing is deliberate to avoid problems caused by captial i looking like a lowercase L and similar things. Or someone being able to choose the same name but put a capital in it to make it different.

I’ll have a look at the way we shout about it. It should definitely be clear as possible.


Hey welcome!

Personally I wish we could have caps, but as I’ve seen on other sites, it doesn’t always work to well, for the reasons Will has mentioned. So I’ve settled for just lowercase.

I’m guessing the tool tip wasn’t updated when things where changed to lowercase. Gald you worked it out and are here now though! And I’m sure the freindly forum folk will get it sorted =D

Thanks @will - it’s possible I was being dim, but I don’t think the error message said it had to be all in lower case.

And yes, I do understand your reasoning now, thanks guys.

No don’t worry, you weren’t being dim. I’ll add it to near the top of my list of things to get fixed.

I still cannot put my meter readings in

@sueper that’s really annoying for you. I’m so sorry.

We definitely want to iron that out and find out why it’s failing. To help us understand why it’s failing for you and to fix it we need two things:

  1. A description of what happens when you try to enter meter readings (Did you hit a blank blue page when logging in? Did you get an error message when you tried to enter them? What did the error message say ?)
  2. We also need to know how you’re accessing the site. The best and easiest way is for you to go to http://www.whatsmybrowser.org/ and send us the link that tells us all about your browser and device.

If you shoot both of those through to help@bulb.co.uk I’ll pick it up and take a look at it right away.