What do you think about the UK Heating and Buildings, and Net Zero Strategy?

As a few community members might have seen, the Government launched its strategies for Heat and Buildings and Net Zero this week.

We’ve published a blog post on the policies we’re excited about, and what we hope to see more of.

The plans cover renewable electricity generation, electric vehicles and how you might heat your home in the future.

Some particular points of interest are:

  • A grant of up to £6,000 to install a heat pump.
  • Moving policy costs from electricity bills to gas bills to reduce the cost of running a heat pump.
  • To have only zero emissions cars and vans sold from 2035.
  • A £380 million investment in offshore wind.

What do you think?

What do you think of these strategies, are they enough to decarbonise heating or bring an end to transport emissions?

COP26 is just around the corner and we’re keen to know what changes you’re hoping for.

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Sorry I just can’t buy into this climate change fiddle.
Planet earth warms naturally before the forthcoming ice age. This planet needs Co2’s to cool it.
Yes by all means sort out the world’s wastage etc. But cc no.
While I’m at it, the earth’s magnetic poles are shifting, they will flip, its overdue as this main flip occurs every 12,000 years, yes its overdue. However volcanic eruptions, rivers running backwards, whales and other wildlife are confused… Why? Because the magnetic poles are “deceiving” their on board compasses… All animals are having their sonar abilities tested.
But hey, let’s talk energy saving, when truths need to be told.
This planet and its God the sun will carry on naturally, and do what it’s done for billions of years, humans are mere tenants, with a catastrophic time coming in the shape of a polar flip.


I’m amazed at so many homes without simple energy saving insulation.
Along with the 2millions or so of people who live in strife for benefits.
How many people pay by top up key to help pay for previous energy debts.
I think going green is fine, but no rush. We need to be preparing for the chaos when the magnetic poles flip… It will happen… Have plans ready for the upcoming ice age, for those that survive(£billionaires etc.), that will kill off what the “flip” doesn’t. Though some humans will survive they always have, but in very, very small numbers.
China is opening more & more coal mines,to serve their vast country, China were able to make a $400b dollar energy deal(oil&gas) with Russia, Britain is now desperate for basic distribution, fuel hikes by the greedy. China has also built thousands of underground bunkers and “village units”.
Please do tell me what “COP” can expect from Russia and the Chinese?