What do you think about your EV app?

Hi Community :wave:,

Hope all’s well. I’m Campbell and I am a Product Specialist in the EV team. I’m reaching out as I’d love to speak to you. I’m looking for some willing EV owners to help me with some research into EV apps.

I’m hoping to have 8 willing volunteers - 4 who are on Bulb’s EV Tariff and 4 who aren’t. All 8 will need to be able to spare an hour or so to chat to me via a video call (either using a smartphone or desktop).

We’d like to talk to volunteers who:

  1. Own an EV and are happy to share the make and model
  2. Either use an EV app (not the Bulb app) to charge/manage your EV - or you manage your EV in a whole different way (e.g. excel spreadsheets)
  3. Are able to send screenshots of how you manage your EV before our chat

If you’d be willing to help us out please let me know & we’ll add you to the EV community. This research will help Bulb to deliver the best possible EV products.

All the best,

Campbell :oncoming_automobile: