What features should we put in our app?

Thanks for taking the quiz about how we should build our app. It’s super useful. We’re sure there are other ideas that could help solve problems that we’re not even aware of. So, here are a couple of follow up questions:

  1. Is there anything that annoys you when managing your energy?
  2. Can you think of any features that could solve that problem?

It doesn’t matter if it’s just a pipe dream. Every idea is a good idea.

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When you enter your meter read, a running total appears immediately. British Gas do this and it was invaluable.

  1. All the tariffs we have to be aware of, and that's just with one supplier, let alone all of those we're not with.
  2. Just one tariff - electricity is electricity, and gas is gas. It's all the same energy - its value shouldn't differ depending on the tariff you choose.

And yes - I know this isn’t about the app, but it does answer your questions.

I find the worst thing is the rates and how they all work, I’d like to see…

Kw used, Amount paid per Kw, and total bill to the hour. And a nice little chart that can show that compared to yesterday-last week-last month ect. Meaning you can really see things how they are.

Ultimate control…scary

other than live readings ( which would mean very smart meters ) it would be useful to link weather conditions from previous to present for comparison. I don’t think our recent use is much as I haven’t had the heating on I’m sure its warmer than it was this time last year but can I remember what temp it was last year at this time … errrrr no
Id also like to know the fuel value of the gasses we let escape but I suspect thats not one the app could quantify but I does make me wonder of the benefits of baked beans on a cold day … Just joking but i expect it might be something for the far reaching future