What happened to the electricity only Unit Rate of 13.965p per kWh?

This is the hourly rate being quoted on comparison sites, and the one I signed up for. The Standing Charge is supposed to be 24.558p per day. There has been no mention of differing charges at day and at night - just a flat fee of 13.965 per KWh. This was the case when I was doing my research; it’s the case now on MoneySavingExpert.com right now.
But now I’m signed up?
Electricity Day Unit Rate
15.90p per kWh
Electricity Night Unit Rate
7.70p per kWh
Electricity Standing Charge
24.56p per day (the only thing that’s correct)

Please explain.

I find that an amazing situation for the very fact I have just tried uswitch comparison site and pretended I was a customer of one of the large energy companies and it happens to show Bulb was the cheapest and more to the point it showed Bulb with these energy tariffs

Unit rate
Day rate 15.829p per kWh
Night rate 8.807p per kWh

So clearly it does show a day and night tariff on a comparison site contrary to what you have said.

Can you please explain if when you did the comparison before switching to Bulb did you click the Economy 7 button?

Also just checked MoneySavingExpert.com and they clearly show the day and night tariff for Bulb in their comparison.

If you’ve got an economy 7 meter, Bulb will have put you on that automatically.

If you don’t want different rates, you can pay the single rate you were quoted still.

@clavius As you are on an economy 7 meter we have to charge you the day and night rates, we are not able to charge at the standard 1 rate. If you do want to have a 1-rate meter in the future we can replace this for you for the cost of £120.