What happened to the old forum?

I have been posting on here for 2 years but when I logged on yesterday the whole forum has changed since I posted a couple of months ago and it required me to re-register as a ‘new member’! What’s going on?

You should not have needed to re-register as users were migrated (as it looks like yours was from the registration date), but a new forum has been talked about for a very long time; it just finally happened:


Thanks. I don’t know why they didn’t ‘migrate’ me. By now I should be getting senior member privileges.

What senior member privileges do you have in mind?

I’m pretty sure that even if they migrated the content and profile, our trust level here will depend on interaction on the new forum, so we start from scratch

Well the ability to make an unrestricted number of posts would do for starters. I have been on here for 2 years and my previous account eradicated and forced to start again. It would appear that others have escaped this extinction.

that’s interesting - I see your profile is hidden too. Did you do that intentionally?

When you started using this site, did you try to log in, or just sign up? I am sure I logged in using my old credentials and was matched to my profile and historic content - but I’m still a regular user here.

I don’t know what your account apparently wasn’t migrated, but in terms of member privileges you’ll need to review the Discourse trust levels.

I’d have thought you ought to be TL1 by now, meaning you have no restrictions on the number of posts you can make.

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Same here. I logged into the new forum using my standard Bulb account details, just like I did with the old forum. I’ve never had to create a forum-specific account, it just uses my Bulb customer account.

As far as I’m aware all content and accounts were migrated.


I accessed the website via an email from Bulb to remind me to submit my monthly meter readings. Perchance I decided to visit the forum which I have been absent from for several months. On doing so I was asked to ‘join’ it which I found rather confusing and annoying at the time. Of course I have hidden my profile ‘intentionally’ as one member had admitted to perusing all of my contributions. I find that rather an odd thing to do and I value my privacy. I grew up in a era which was absent of personal computers and the Internet and thus find the common practice of the masses in disclosing ever aspect of their lives on social media to be rather bizarre and a foolish thing to do.

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Thanks, I will look into that.

Perhaps they were being ‘selective’??

Possibly, but I doubt it. That would seem extra work for no benefit.

In terms of your privacy, I don’t see hiding your profile does much. Just in case you aren’t aware, I just had a quick look at the forum search function and it’s easy to search for posts by username. It finds 42 posts for you, the earliest being dated September 2017. It looks like all your posts are migrated, and still attached to your current user account you’re using now. Are you sure you created a new account and didn’t just have to reset the password for some reason?

As I know you’re very much aware, once something is on the internet it’ll quite likely end up public even if you intend it to be private. Since this is a public forum, it seems odd to me to worry about the privacy of your public posts. The only solution to this problem is to simply not publish anything on the internet at all.

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Yes I genuinely did have to reregister and yesterday I was barred from making more than just a few posts. Perhaps they are secretly watching what we say and decided to save face by fixing the problem?

Considering that when you originally posted this thread I looked at your profile and could see that you’ve been a member since 2017 and it seemed to list your details correctly, at this point as you’ve hidden your profile I wonder whether you’re just making stuff up.

Regarding the Discord restrictions, I’m not sure that any trust levels could be “migrated”/generated from the previous forum so it would take a bit of time for you to read some posts and fulfill the requirements, even when an older profile is migrated.
Most people wouldn’t notice the restrictions at all as once you’ve read a thread or two (perhaps about the new forum) you fulfill the (default) basic requirements.

It did force me to reregister when I started posting again a few days ago and placed a strict limit on how many posts I could make. Then the following day the restriction was lifted. I hid my profile because the woman who insulted me a few days ago with an ageist pejorative had been scrutinising my profile. I do not feel comfortable with that so I made my profile private.