What happened to the referrals?


I have referred 4 friends back in May (when the £75 bonus was active).

Meanwhile I got:

  1. confirmation that one friend didn’t switch (which is fine, I will talk to him to know what happened)
  2. confirmation that a second friend had switched and credit was added to my account (perfect, I like that!)
  3. no confirmation at all on what happened to the other 2 referrals, just that they magically disappeared from my account referrals dashboard and to add that one of them has actually joined bulb (not nice, I would expect to see them pending or that they didn’t join)

Having contacted bulb support my email, the reply was unsatisfactory and dismissive.

So I am trying again, to see if someone can look into it.

Thank you,

Why was their reply unsatisfactory and dismissive?

The response was basically:

  1. Can only see one switched (yeah, I know that)
  2. Can’t discuss details of other accounts (sure, I am not asking to discuss details, but why they disappeared without a notification, yes or no)
  3. Suggesting contacting my friends to know about their switches (sure, one of them confirmed the switch)

And what really, really annoys me, is that bulb has been so great that I was caught by surprise for such a bad support.

Hopefully, it is an exception.

Anyway, looking forward to get support on my original question, with concrete answers.

What did your friends say about the status of their accounts?

Talked to both of my friends and they received an email saying “You’re a certified Bulberino” but they didn’t get their credit either.

Talked to both of my friends and they received an email saying "You're a certified Bulberino" but they didn't get their credit either.

It will be interesting to see the outcome of this discussion.

These two friends were they referred by you?

Unless things have changed since I switched to Bulb, the person who sent the referral is the person who receives an email saying about “certified Bulberino”. So if they were referred by you why did they receive an email saying about “certified Bulberino”

Contacted Bulb using the online chat and it was confirmed that has been an error in their system.
From now on, I will only use the online chat support :slight_smile:

Glad it will be sorted out for you.

A high percentage of posts on this Forum can only be answered by Bulb and it is shame that these posters (I’m not referring to you) don’t contact Bulb in the first instance rather than post here?