What happens to our credit?

Ok so I was referred by a friend and I’ve just referred another with a 3rd to come next week. That’s £150 credit. What happens to it? Does it just sit in my account accumulating or can I suspend my payments to you and you use that? Bit confused as to the mechanics

Hi @benamponsah, it will sit in your account until something is done with it. If you’d like something to be done with it, just let us know and we can change your payment amounts or refund it for you. We also look at everyone’s accounts once at least every 6 months to make sure everything looks sensible.

A quick point on your referrals, any referrals made between 1st Dec and 6th Jan have different rewards to before. Rather than £50 to the recruit and £50 to the referrer, these referrals get £50 to the recruit and £50 to Crisis, the national Charity for homeless people. Here’s the article that we emailed round to announce it - https://blog.bulb.co.uk/refer-support-crisis/

From the 6th Jan, we’ll go back to the normal £50 to both the recruit and referrer.

Ok thanks for the clarification-helpful