What happens when Buld 'enable' a smart meter?

As per the title what should happen when a smart meter that was provided by a previous supplier is ‘enabled’ by bulb.

For the the first 8 months of my time with bulb the meter was not ‘enabled’.

It was ‘enabled’ in August but there doesn’t seem to be any difference (except with a problem with readings that I am currently struggling to get Bulb to understand). The meter is no more nor less smart than before, there seems to be no functionality that wasnt there before, and in particular I was hoping that it would at least send readings to bulb automatically, but no that’s not changed either.

So what does ‘enabling’ a meter do?

Hi @richard.d.mayes,

Thanks for posting about your query.

So what this means is you have a first generation smart meter that we can now read. By ‘enabling’ that is referring to getting your smart meter enrolled onto the smart network so that way your meter can send us automatic readings.

In your case, this hasn’t happened for some reason :thinking:

I’ve just raised this to our smart team to look into this for you and see if we can get it remotely enrolled on to the smart network.