What happens when your credit runs out?

Hi there,

When I joined bulb I had to pay roughly 300 up front, and each month I’ve paid a direct debit to bulb as well as having that amount taken away from the chunk I paid up front (e.g. If my direct debit I £50 each month, then I also lose £50 from the bulk amount I paid up front)

Can anyone explain why this is or what exactly is happening?

And most importantly… what happens when I have nothing left in the account from that bulk payment?

Hey @k.marshall98 :wave:

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The way the billing works is we take a direct debit payment that is added to your Bulb Account of a set amount each month to build credit on the account. We then bill from your built up credit.

So you started the account with £290 and we then billed you for a month (about £70) so that meant the remaining credit is £220 give or take. We also however take a monthly direct debit payment of £50 towards your energy each month.

Your estimated monthly use is actually about £55 a month, so this means that the £50 (or as you’ve lowered it now) is that much short of your energy use. So when we bill you, its taken from the amount you paid in, and anything over from the built up credit.

When that bulk payment runs out as you’ve used that amount up in energy, you would need to set the direct debit payments to what your monthly use is (e.g. £55) and then the bills would be deducted from that each month.

Hope that makes sense!

— H :bulb: