what happens with my account balance?!

Im new to bulb and dont really know what the best thing for me to do with my balance is. I currently have nearly £300 balance (and growing). Can I withdraw this money? Can I use this money to pay my next three months bills?. I dont want to have to keep watching my balance and deciding how much money i need to be assigning each month, and i dont want to end up with £1000s of my money just sitting there.

Would anybody have any advice?

many thanks

Hi @nick2866,

If you’ve gained this money from referrals then nice work!
If it’s from your monthly payments being too high then it would be worth adjusting them to suit the actual amout of energy you’re using, but I wouldn’t tend to recommend going lower as you might end up debt unexpectedly in the future if you forget about it.

In either case, Bulb can transfer that credit back into your account for you and I’m sure someone will pipe up on Monday to do just that.
If you don’t hear anything back tomorrow from Bulb themselves, you can catch them by phone on 0300 30 30 635 to request the transfer.

Hi @nick2866,

If you have recently updated your meter readings and have £300 in credit then we can rearrange a repayment for you. Please just call us on 0300 30 30 635 or email us on help@bulb.co.uk to confirm your account details and to arrange the refund. If it has been a while since you have entered your meter readings could you please submit some so we can generate and up to date statement too.