What hours are my specific peak/off peak times?

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I’ve already sent an email about this but not had a satisfying reply with the info I’m looking for (just a generic auto reply) and want to know what specific hours my meter counts as peak and off peak. Please can you let me know what the timings are.

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Hi @Emling

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I’ve popped you over an email with the specific timings for your meter.

We know Economy 7 meters can be a bit confusing at times so if you have any more questions, feel free to ask here, we’re always happy to answer anything you’d like clarifying!

Freya @ Bulb

Mine goes off at 7am and comes on at midnight , but this will change when clocks change in spring , then it’s 1am-8am cheers

Hey @casinoang

Thanks for pointing that out, It can be confusing when the clocks change.

I wanted to share some further insight into Economy 7 for further reading.

Understanding Economy 7 (Two rate meters)

Off peak hours for Economy 7


Please could you let me know my peak and off peak timings? It’d be So helpful if regional rates were publicly available or on our bills rather than having to request them

Hey @hann_bianco

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Your rates are

Day - 07:30 to 24:00 and 00:00 to 00:30
Night - 00:30 to 07:30

Great idea for the regional rates, that would certainly help. The reason behind this is there are many different rates and hours for economy 7 which is sometimes quite confusing. These meters also do normally have a sticker on the front to show the times.

Where would you like to see the rates, in your Bulb account or on Bulbs webpage?

It could be worth us passing this on so feel free to leave feedback and we will get this discussed!


I would also like to know my peak and off-peak hours (and whether I have two or three different rates) as I try to keep any electricity-heavy activities such as running my water heater during off-peak times.

It would be helpful if this information was provided when joining Bulb or was visible in your account.

Hi @shannonh,

My system shows your off-peak rate to run between 11pm and 7:30am GMT, which means that for Daylight Savings Time that we’re in right now, this will run between midnight and 8:30am.

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