What if I die

I have just joined and the switch went smoothly, no complaints there, - but so far all communication has all been via computer which is fine for me but I am 88 and, although ai have no immediate health problems, I have to think about what happens when I am gone. My wife (87) has little interest in computers and no desire to learn so, is there any possibility of paper billing and how should my executors communicate?

Hi @derrick,

We don’t normally do paper billing, but I’m sure we could in the event of your death. We’d want to make everything as easy as possible for your wife in that situation. Of course, we hope it won’t be for a very long time.

It would probably be best for us to put your wife’s name as a second name on the account, just so we have her on record. We could also put anyone else that you’d like to nominate as someone who can manage your account if you’d like. Regardless, even if we didn’t have anyone else on the account, whoever is legally responsible for the property can get in touch with us to take over management of the property. We’d then close your account and reopen a new one under their name.

Would you like us to add your wife’s name? If so, what is her name?


Thanks for your prompt reply… I will email my wife’s name

Righto @derrick, we’ll look for your email.