What is a daily charge?

A daily charge, also called a standing charge, is a fixed amount that you pay per day in addition to your unit rates for gas and electricity.

It’s used to cover the cost of providing your home with gas and electricity, mostly maintenance stuff. It’s also used towards the cost of government initiatives for helping vulnerable homes and reducing carbon emissions.

Every supplier has daily charges and we make sure to include these when working out quotes.

So, what is bulbs daily charge? Is it uniform across all customers and tariffs?

Also how does it compare to the big operators?

Hi @gindygoo

Our daily charge is 31.51p per day for electricity and is also the same for gas. As we only have one tariff the daily charge will be the same for all.

We are generally 20% cheaper overall compared to the Big Six. There are so many different chargers but overall we are cheaper.

Hope this helps.

So is that double if you have both or is that a combine daily charge, we only have electric so my quote I just saw the one charge, have to be honest its more than our daily charge

Hi @pinkcalculator

It’s 31.5p per day per fuel so if you have both you Gas and Electricity with us then the charge would be 63.02p per day for both. Our tariff is one of the lowest on the market - renewable or not and we don’t charge an exit fees.

@Siobhan unfortunately that’s actually way more than my current daily charge :frowning: but depending on your tariff and how much cheaper that is plus the daily charge is what I’d have to work out, I’ll be getting a quote from you soon as I’m looking to switch next month.

At the end of the day, it’s a mixture of everything that counts :slight_smile: