What is a Meter Serial Number?

A meter serial number is the unique number that applies to a meter be it a gas or electric one. It is also often referred to as ‘MSN’. This is different to a supply number.

What is my meter serial number?

Your meter serial number is found on the meter and is often a mix of both letter and numbers. We also put it on your energy statement, so you can find it there. Here's an example of both a gas and electricity meter serial number

Electricity Meter:

Gas Meter:

How is this different to a supply number?

The supply number (your MPRN or MPAN) is a reference point for the property where the meter is located. It’s the point where we put the meter, not the meter itself.

The Meter Serial Number is the number of the meter and so this will change whenever a meter is replaced, whereas a supply number will not.

These are my meter readings

I think this is my meter number L74A19433

Thanks @Langco1961 I have sent your message to Rachel who emailed you.

My meter serial number is H08 00237

Hi @Freddie2015, did someone request your serial number?

If not, Bulb should have it already from your previous supplier and presuming your switch has taken place, it will be listed on your MyBulb page here.

My meter serial number is H08 00237

Freddie2015 My meter serial number is H08 00237

@Freddie2015 I can see you’ve been getting things moving with your switch now. Glad this article was helpful!

This article was not at all helpful in my case as it only shows the very old type of gas meter. In new builds they are very different and resemble the electricity ones. Also they may have two bar codes, and numbers above or below them, which make it difficult to know which one is the actual serial number. I suggest that you update your article to reflect these changes in gas metering systems. I can send you a photo of my meter if that would help.

@DorisClegworthy thanks for your feedback, it’s super helpful for us to understand what our lovely bulbers think. This will be especially important as our SMETS 2 smart meters come out next year. Keep up the great work :slight_smile:

Hello, George ! I got your message about your request of Meter Serial Number .
I’m now sending a picture of my electricity and gas meter .
They have so many numbers on it !
That way you can the one you’re after .
Thanks !

Hi bulb can you please confirm you’ve received my meter serial numbers via the online community and email please


Hannah radley

Hi @Hannahrad93 you should have received an email from Alex confirming we have the serial numbers :smile: